Ksar Ghilane Sahara: Development Mission Complete, Ready for Dakar

16.9.2014 - The week of testing by the Tatra Buggyra Racing team profoundly tried not only the technology but also the crew of Martin Kolomý and... read more

Fantastic Weekend Closed by Vršecký ´s Third Rank, Lacko Right Below Podium

31.8.2014 - After the double in the main Sunday cup race the Buggyra pilots won the second rank in the Constructors´ Cup when David Vršecký ranked... read more

A Double for Buggyra on Domestic Circuit! Vršecký Wins over Lacko

31.8.2014 - The third cup race brought the best result of the season to the Czech team, when in the man cup race of Sunday David Vršecký and Adam... read more

Luck Rains for Buggyra, Vršecký Starts from the First Row!

31.8.2014 - The Sunday Super Pole became a great promise for the third cup race of the weekend, when David Vršecký obtained the first row in the... read more

Heavy Rain Threatens Sunday Programme of the Czech Truck Prix

31.8.2014 - The weather forecast has been confirmed and rain has been washing the Most circuit since early morning. read more
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Tunisia Test Session 2014

Report from testing before DAKAR 2015

Tunisia Test Session 2014

Full photogallery from Tunisia

DAKAR 2014 - 8th stage

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Dakar 2014 - 13th stage

Complete results of the 13th stage

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Model BUGGYRA 2013 (Vršecký)

Metal model of the BUGGYRA racing special - verzion of David Vršecký from season 2013 in...
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