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A trip off the track and finally a win. Jiří Mičánek comes to the taste of hill climbing races

The second sharp race of Jiří Mičánek jr. in the hill climb races brought the first victory. In the changeable weather at the Masaryk Circuit, where the track kept getting wetter and drier over and over again, the driver and manager of the Mičánek Motorsport powered by Buggyra team outperformed the leader of his class, Marek Rybníček, in the second race.


A trip off the track and finally a win. Jiří Mičánek comes to the taste of hill climbing races

In football terminology, it is 1:3 between Jiří Mičánek Jr. and this season's Maverick Hillclimb series sovereign Mark Rybníček in Rybníček's favour. However, on the legendary "Brno Dragon", which used to be ruled by Jiří Mičánek Jr's father on the old track in Farion's curve, there was not much missing and it could have been even in their category over 3000 cc.

Sunday's racing was marred by morning fog, changeable weather and changes in the programme. The combination of these two factors sent Jiri Michalek and his Lamborghini Huracán EVO off the track and ruined his chances of winning the first race. "We tried to drive on slicks, even though the track was not completely dry yet. That backfired on me, but luckily I was able to get back on the track after hours and continue," says Mičánek. And with a laugh he adds that he had no idea he was doing a race heat. "We were going according to the original programme, so I thought I was doing a training run. It's my fault, of course, but if we had known we were already in the race, we certainly wouldn't have taken such a risk with the slicks," he explained. 

After exiting the track, he finished the heat race about ten seconds behind the first Mark Rybníček, before winning the second heat. The sum of his times was enough for second place. 

There were also changes in the afternoon race. Due to time delays, the race was held for one race only. And Jiří Mičánek dominated that one over the otherwise flawless Marek Rybníček. Overall, he took one victory and one second place from Brno. 


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