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Bösiger Winning Opening Race of the Day!

Bösiger Winning Opening Race of the Day!

For a third time in a row Markus Bösiger enjoyed victory in the opening cup race at the Nürburgring. David Vršecký ranked third after Albacete!

The European champion of 2007 laid the foundation of his triumph with the quickest time in the Friday time practice. Despite the traditional drizzling right before the start Markus managed to exchange his first pole position this year for the leading position after the start. "The road was a little slippery after the rain but the more slippery it was the more attention I paid to the driving. After the first curve I noticed Antonio behind me followed by Jochen," said Bösiger after the race. In the rest of the race Markus applied his machine-like drive and like in the seasons 2007-2008 he collected the most prestigious raking in the end. "Of course I am happy. Now I need to score even in the handicap race." David Vršecký´s performance was much more adventurous. "I did not manage the time practice very well but it was like last year. I relied a little on Jochen wanting to show up at home. Eventually I realized that I nearly bet on the right horse," was David ´s comment on the progress of the race, at the end of which interesting things began to happen. "Jochen kept pushing Antonio. In the course of the last but one round he overstated that a little. Suddenly I could see him standing in front of me with the front of his car in the opposite direction to the direction of the race. It was a real chase but eventually I managed. I would like to congratulate Markus." Even though in the direct duel with Albacete David lost three points, he was rather optimistic before the handicap race. "I will start in front of Antonio and I will do my best to make use of my more advantageous position to the maximum possible extent."

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