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Buggyra Accomplishes Preparation!

Buggyra Accomplishes Preparation!

The Buggyra International Racing System team has accomplished testing at the Most circuit, held on 24 - 25 April. Thus accomplishing preparation for the coming season to be opened in Misano in mid May.

The first surprise was on stock for the stakeholders before the trio Vršecký, Matějovský, Jegorov even entered the circuit. David Vršecký replaced his so far used number 5 with 33! "I prefer the one of seasons 2009-2010, but number 33 was my first number in the Race Truck class with which I won the very first race in Barcelona," explained David the reason for his decision before he set off for the circuit. In Most he covered 150 laps, which equalled to twelve races. "On the basis of telemetric data we know that we have improved the truck setting, which has moved us forward again. The test of mutual cooperation between the new components and their life was also successful. So we are satisfied and well prepared for the championship. Although I believe that our competitors believe the same."

Michal Matějovský, the testing pilot of Buggyra, has accelerated again, although he is aware of his weak point, which is his work with the brakes. "I must first get acquainted with every vehicle and I have not had enough time to get to  know Buggyra well. But regarding my new position in the team this year I should have plenty of opportunities to ride it."

"David told me that as I managed Nürburgring and the skating ring in Le Mans, Misano will be a walk among roses for me. So I am already looking forward," admitted Yuri Jegorov, who mainly worked on the trace and his riding style. "There is no hurry, we will oůnly address the issue of setting in Italy."

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