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Buggyra Challenging World Again?

Buggyra Challenging World Again?

Because of the late start of this season the management of the Buggyra International Racing System team have decided for another attempt to challenge world records after three years. The decisive time is April 2013.

After similar attempts in April 2010 David Vršecký found himself in an interesting situation. Even though he achieved the quickest times in the world on the 100 km, 100 mile and 1 hour tracks due to administrative drawbacks these times were "only" recognised as national records. "The organisers from the DEKRA circuit only contacted us too late then and so we were unable to do all the necessary paperwork. Even though the world knows David as the holder of world records, this time we would like to stamp his times with the world seal," confirmed the team manager Jan Kalivoda. Following the words of the technical director Robin Dolejš, the decision to challenge the world maximums was also inspired by this year ´s success of the Gyrtech engines at the Dakar Rally. "In the context of further development of aggregates for this competition we would like to continue to work on the life of the engines. Even though the conditions on the truck racing circuits are much different from Dakar conditions, we will certainly be able to use part of the data."


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