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Buggyra Stronger Again! Dakar 2016 Marks A New Stage

Buggyra Stronger Again! Dakar 2016 Marks A New Stage

Alliance is not the Solution 

Exactly two years ago the Buggyra team extended its race circuit activities with rally. Since the very beginning its members openly expressed their wish to bring home from Dakar the desired Bedouin, that is the most precious cup. And immediately after the first Dakar race they came to understand that this was not possible in singularity. “Last year we tried an alliance but it ended before it even began. And we realized we had to approach it our own way. And so this year we have two trucks and one automobile here. And what will come next? Wait to be surprised,“ was David Vršecký the constructor´s mysterious promise 



The combination of fives and threes exactly copies the starting numbers of the circuit pilots Adam Lacko and David Vršecký, who won the Constructors´ Cup together this year. “A low starting number is an advantage, of course. But such a number is binding, too. I know Dakar is about good luck, but the boys and me will fight and try to perform as good as we can,“ commented Martin on his number. 

“I did not start at Dakar this year and so 533 is absolutely justified. I think this will be balanced after the prologue. But the two starting numbers mean an important thing: that we are not alone in the battle. And that may be more than driving with a one on the door,“ praised Jarda the team work. 


Buggyra with Legend 

The crew of Martin Kolomý will remain unchanged. The Fat Boy will be manned by Kilián brothers again. “Everybody asks us whether we suffer from the submarine sickness. But we have no time for it. We must fully concentrate on our work,“ says René the navigator. On the other hand, Jarda Valtr will take part in his fourth Dakar rally in a brand new team. His co-pilot will be Jiří Stross, a newcomer to Dakar, paired with the experienced navigator Josef Kalina, whose experience includes twenty four active years and three victories. “I am not sure whether I will manage once again,“ laughs Pepa, very much looking forward to his membership in the new team. 


Martin and Jarda on Sandpit 

Martin Kolomý and Jarda Valtr received a surprise from their team. “Now that their big toys will sail away from them we have decided to give them smaller ones,“ laughs Jan Kalivoda at the press conference. “This is in the hope that Martin will play enough on three wheels at home and will not want to try it again at Dakar, and Jarda must train. It is his premiere with the unique Tatra chassis after all.“ 


Investigative mission 

The Buggyra team has decided not only for two trucks in the competition but also for a new experience. And thus the Buggyra colours will in addition be represented by starting number 381 belonging to Tomáš Ouředníček and his American Hummer. “We know we are not 100% prepared but this is something like an investigative mission for us,” said Jan Kalivoda about the new challenge.

“Dakar 2016 will be gaining experience for us. Of course we cannot think of scalping factory teams like Peugeot, Toyota or Mini but we want to learn. It is great honour for us to be part of a team as professional as Buggyra is, commented Tomáš Ouředníček on the combination.

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