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Dakar by Buggyra ZM Racing watched by millions of fans around the world

The Dakar Rally, not only the inaugural grand motoring event of the year but also among the most followed globally, was highlighted by the extensive media coverage of its 46th edition, featuring Buggyra prominently.


Dakar by Buggyra ZM Racing watched by millions of fans around the world

The global reach of the Dakar Rally is underscored by statistics from the organizers. With the event broadcast in 190 countries by 70 broadcasters, its international appeal nearly matches that of the last Summer Olympics in Tokyo. The official competition website attracted more than 17 million visitors, while the official app received 7.3 million hits. Furthermore, the Dakar Rally's social media community boasts 8.1 million users.


Buggyra's participation in this worldwide motorsport festival was made possible through the support of partners. The content produced by its dedicated media team garnered attention worldwide, notably in the Czech Republic, China, and the host country, Saudi Arabia, among other notable nations. The involvement of Tatra Buggyra EVO3 truck pilot Pascal de Baar sparked significant interest in the Netherlands, while navigator Sébastien Delaunay and Buggyra Academy member Téo Calvet attracted followers from France.


Buggyra's social media profiles achieved a significant reach, amassing over 3 million followers. Throughout the Dakar Rally, Team Buggyra's media team produced nearly 70 videos for social media, achieving a total viewership of over 40 million. Highlighting the spirit of Dakar, the most successful video showcased Pascal de Baar assisting the stranded Jaroslav Valtr, watched by 1.1 million users and generating over 17,000 likes, 1,000 shares, and 372 comments.


The Buggyra ZM Racing and Tatra Buggyra Racing teams are grateful for the unwavering interest and support from fans during this year's challenging Dakar and extend their thanks for the enthusiastic engagement.

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