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Designed to Win!

Designed to Win!

Despite a miserable flight between Santiago and Prague Robin Dolejš did not lose any of his traditionally high spirits. And indeed he had a reason for his high spirits.

Following the words of the technical director of Buggyra the Gyrtech engines show the potential to gain control over the most famous long-distance race in future. “Except for a single banal defect to which the engine reacted by switching to the emergency mode we did not have any serious problems with the aggregates,” said Robin. "Even though we could not use adequate experience for objective reasons, which prevented us from utilising the maximum potential of the engines, Martin Kolomý chased the absolute top pilots of the world. This does not need any further comments."

As further added by Robin, another fact in favour of the engines "Made in Buggyra" is represented by the change of technical rules on the basis of which 13-litre engines will come to play. And these are the engines whose development is where the Buggyra Technology Centre indeed possesses appropriate experience.

The technical director of Buggyra also greatly appreciates the victorious duel of Gyrtech with MAN engines. "They have beaten us for three times in truck racing recently. One of the pilots of their Dakar team made a contemptuous statement about our engines. When I have time I will take a look at his results in the finish. If he finished the race at all," added Robin laughing.


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