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Excellent Testing Results!

Excellent Testing Results!

What hardly anybody hoped for became the reality yesterday. The weather improved and Buggyra could test ion Most for the first time this year.

Following the opinions of the stakeholders the first testing for the new season was extremely successful. "All new things worked as we had imagined," commented laconically on the progress of the event the technical director Robin Dolejš. David Vršecký was more talkative about this. "In the course of perhaps the longest winter in my career we mainly worked on the speed. Although the conditions were not exactly ideal, I achieved much shorter lap times than in autumn. And above all every new development proved to be good in this stage of testing."

Personal record was also achieved in Most by Michal Matějovský, whose participation in a couple of races of this year ´s championship is currently under negotiation, with last-year ´s variant Most - Jarama appearing the most probable at the moment. "Michal is quite quick. And if he improves work with brakes, he will be even quicker," was the assessment of his performance by David Vršecký.


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