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Petr Bošnakov - 25.08.2020

Experience Versus Go-Ahead Youth

Over the coming weekend the Czech Truck Prix in Most will open the European Truck Racing Championship. Our team, this year under the name of Buggyra Zero Mileage Racing, will cover the whole championship with three racing specials, and a team of racing pilots combining experience and go-ahead youth.


Experience Versus Go-Ahead Youth

Successful Preparation

As stated by the team management at the pre-start press conference, held at the team base by the AIRCRAFT rest, the preparatory stage was extremely successful. While Aliyyah Koloc literally “picked” all victories at Grobnik, Croatia, her sister Yasmeen collected podium ranks at Slovakia Ring over the weekend, in addition controlling the endurance race together with Téo Calvet. Before that the young man from France had ranked third in the virtual championship ETRC Digital. “I am especially happy that despite all those corona virus problems we have managed keeping the team in the “operational” temperature, while the “experienced” section, including David Vršecký, Tomáš Enge and Jarek Janiš, systematically and successfully loaded all members of the Buggyra Academy with enough work. As there were no live races for nearly a year, this is an extraordinary achievement. Adam is obviously experienced enough to duly prepare for racing by himself,“ stated Martin Koloc, the team owner. “The correct atmosphere governs the team where everybody knows where his or her place is. Aliyyah, after the Grobnik success, did want to race in Slovakia, but finally accepted, without the slightest opposition, David´s decision that it was not good to change a big vehicle for a small one a single week before Most and only travelled to Slovakia Ring to cheer for the rest of the team.“


Point over Platinum

The hottest favourite of this year´s Covid-19-restricted European Championship is Adam Lacko, who will introduce a new racing special, Buggyra DV50. “Three days before the championship opening we do not in fact know yet how many racing weekends it will consist of. What is sure is Most, Le Mans, and Misano, and the other three weekends are yet to be decided about. However nonsensical this may sound, this will be one of the hardest championships in history, at least from my point of view. Due to the small number of races, a single mistake can equal lost chances for the champion title. And a score point will be valued not in gold, but in platinum. Tactics will prevail over racing,” guesses the 2017 champion, openly expressing his satisfaction with the technology in one breath. “My impression of my truck is very good, I will see how quick our competitors will be. There is little information known about Jochen, and Antonio has arrived at Nogaro with a new racing special. His lap times are nothing special but he is a triple European champion who can sell his vast experience. Norbert Kiss is a big dark horse.“


Good Luck Comes to Fast and Brave

In the Constructors´ Cup Adam will team with Téo Calvet (VK50) and does not hide the highest ambition. “Téo is a very skilful young man who races with his head, despite his youth. He is up to riding around the fifth rank, and can think high in the handicap races.” The follower of the Calvet racing family, who, together with Aliyyah Koloc, will participate in both the European and the French championship, denies the slightest pressure. “I am part of an excellent team, all works and so I feel no tension whatsoever. Testing was up to my expectations, and the data are very favourable. But the battle will be hard, with four European champions participating, Hahn, Albacete, Kiss, Lacko. I expect hard struggle for every score point with the good luck on the side of the fast and the brave.“


Baptism of Fire

In Most the truck racing premiere awaits the youngest and the quickest female in the truck racing history, Aliyyah Koloc, who will drive an AK50 racing special. “So far so good, when I remember how before my first race my heartbeat soared to around 220/minute, I must admire Aliyyah. I expect to be more nervous than her,“ says her mentor, David Vršecký, double champion of the Old Continent. “In her case the strategy is clear, there is no hurry. Although Aliyyah has tested a lot in Most, with very decent lap times, this weekend will be about a pack of pilots who will respect nobody. In a word, baptism of fire.“

The main heroin, holder of world speed records for passing and fixed start five hundred, stays calm. “I am not very familiar with statistics, but I think there are not many female pilots in the world surrounded with personalities like I am. My father, David, Tomáš, Jarek, Robin... My role is quite simple. To drive the best I can, and not to think of the result,“ said Aliyyah, laughing.


Covid Restriction

“We fully respect the hygienic rules established by the Czech Republic, the fans will unfortunately have limited freedom of movement in comparison to past seasons, but we have prepared sectors on the audience slope, and we are glad that the races will at least take place after all. The paddock will only be accessible to the pilots, their teams, FIA delegates, commissioners and the necessary personnel. The conditions change every day, test rules are modified, the zones, with the main aim to assure safety and health protection to the visitors. In addition to the race trucks they will also see complementary series of the Clio cup, Audi R8, and historic formulas including a monopost of 2010. I believe we will all be happy about the weekend,“ said the owner of the Most Autodrome, Mr. Josef Zajíček.

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