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If not in Zolder, then Where?!

If not in Zolder, then Where?!

The list of eight victories in the nine cup races in Zolder is what the drivers of the Buggyra racing specials can really boast of when looking back at the years 2004 – 2008. Markus and David hope that the great Belgian gala show will continue this weekend!

The only aesthetic defect of this reality is the fact that the only man who interrupted the victorious series of Buggyra last year was Antonio Albacete. The current interim leader of the championship added to his score account the maximum possible number of thirty points on Saturday last year. A similar development would certainly annoy David this year. "Last year after Most Antonio was in fact out of the game for the title and the tactics of my duel with Markus was exaggerated. And when two fight the third laughs," commented David on last year ´s race won by Albacete. He reached Zolder accompanied by the racing engineers last night and greeted Markus Bösiger this morning. "Yesterday I read on the Internet that Markus was prepared to defeat Antonio and help me achieve the title. And so I had to thank him for that," laughed the current European Champion. David awaits the handicap cup race with great interest as well as with apprehension. Zolder is a rather narrow track which, specially after start, does not favour brave overtaking manoeuvres. Slower truckers thus represent a considerable risk. "I remember the 2004 season, when I finished second after Ludovic Faure. Ludo had problems with his speed limiter in the qualifying race, and Albacete and Östreich did not finish the race. Thus the second row at the start belonged to Maurice Monfrino. Although it was his best result in his life, he was very unhappy about that," remembered David. "And he was right indeed. Immediately after start he was unable to give way sufficiently quickly. I could see in my rear-view mirrors how quickly he was approached by Antonio and Markus. The Spaniard ended right away, and Östreich finished with four cylinders perhaps. And Maurice put his truck together for the rest of the season. I hope nothing like that is to be expected this weekend."

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