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Interesting Opening Testing Session

Interesting Opening Testing Session

Yesterday in Most the Buggyra International Racing System team opened the first official testing day of season 2013. As usual in similar cases, the testing was not without surprises!

Before the event David received an Invicta watch as evidence of excellent representation of the brand. "David is our respected business partner, and what is more, he again left behind the Swiss pilot Markus Bösiger, which we obviously do not forget to emphasize on every occasion, especially in Switzerland," said Martina Pluháčková, executive director of the Czech business representation of the company, with a smile.

At the beginning of the testing day Most also invited the triple European champion Heinz Werner Lenz (1997-99) with his son Sasha. "They originally wanted to order the whole vehicle, but for strategic reasons we do not find this too beneficial, and rather prefer supply of individual components such as the chassis or the engine. We do not want to bind ourselves for too much manufacture. Anyway, we have only entered the negotiations and there is time to decide," confirmed team manager Jan Kalivoda.

The main part of the day was obviously focused on the testing, albeit complicated by caprices of the weather. Despite that David managed to cover double the usual portion of kilometres.  "Perhaps it is because we understood this as a classical testing day. I simply sat down in the cab of my truck and set off. Then there came a short data assessment and the same story again. And tomorrow the programme will be very similar," confirmed David. "This may be seen as a monastic-like rule by someone, but I quite like it."

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