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It ´s a Pity that Schumacher Is Not Coming Back!

It ´s a Pity that Schumacher Is Not Coming Back!

Said the current European Race Truck Champion David Vršecký in reaction to the eventually non-materialized comeback of the seven-fold World Champion in Formula 1. At the same time David confirmed that since the first moment he heard about Schumacher ´s problems with cervical spine he adopted an ever strengthening feeling of doubt about his possible comeback.

"Of course I do not want to compare myself to Schumacher, not even remotely, but I also know what the cervical spine can do. I ended the 2006 season with a lot of injections against pain and could hardly move my head. Putting myself together took nearly half of the winter season. Martin Koloc had even bigger problems and had to terminate his career of a racing driver first and a manager next because of his health trouble," explained David. The marketing loss resulting from the non-materialized comeback are inestimable, in David ´s opinion. "Schumacher ´s participation in a single race might rescue the whole Formula 1 season, which has been a little weird this year," maintains David Vršecký. "First the discussion about the technical rules, then whether Formula 1 will be held in the same format next year. Michael ´s comeback would let everybody forget about all the trouble. Since yesterday everybody need to return to the reality."

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