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Just Words of Praise!

Just Words of Praise!

The first “live” testing of this year has been over for the drivers of the Buggyra International Racing System team David Vršecký and Markus Bösiger. The European champions of the past two season could not hide their satisfaction!

The Most track was used on Wednesday for testing following the standard time tested scheme. While one of the drivers circled with the last year ´s racing special, the other did the same with the truck for this season. After that the mutual data comparison started. “We were a little annoyed by the weather, the track was partly wet, the dry places taking turns with the wet ones. Thanks to that we could test the wet setting at least,” said the current European champion David Vršecký. "In addition we had enough “dry” data from the past season and Assen is a very rainy location anyway." Like in the past two seasons Markus ´s Buggyra was the first to be tested. The Swiss driver abounded with words of praise after the testing was completed. "At the end of last season we agreed that we would start testing in the latter half of March, and before that we would just communicate by e-mail about development issues. I was a little nervous already," admitted the European vice-champion. "After the first two rounds I could not but state that all my comments, especially concerning the engine, were taken into serious consideration and my ideas were all put into practice. As the data show, we have made considerable progress, especially in acceleration." Despite the satisfaction of both truckers the technical director Mario Kress remained with both feet firmly on the ground. "Markus was very much looking forward to the new truck. He was so excited that he would have praised everything. The truth is, though, that as for the mileage, we covered two racing weekends in Most and all worked well.” The final testing is planned for April. "Before that we have to finish David ´s truck and settle all minor issues concerning setting. And then we will start looking forward to Assen."

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