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Petr Bosnakov - 16.09.2021

Koloc family to race in the EuroNASCAR series at Grobnik!

And it will not be just about successful twins Aliyyah and Yasmeen, but the team principal Martin Koloc is going to race as well, for the first time since 1999.


Koloc family to race in the EuroNASCAR series at Grobnik!

The new line-up will debut in the prestigious NASCAR Whelen Euro Series for a team that has won the European championship three times already – an Italian CAAL Racing, which runs Ford and Chevrolet specials. “We’ve been watching both girls since they have started racing. And when we found that Martin would also want to give it a shot in our car, we went for it. I’m already excited and I hope that the Koloc family will be part of our series next season as well,” said Jerome Galpin, the President - CEO of the NASCAR Whelen Euro Series, who founded the series back in 2008. The series carries the famous NASCAR name since 2012, and it is constantly in touch with its headquarters in the USA. The current will run until 2030 at least.


“I’d like to thank Jerome Galpin for the invitation. Despite our busy schedules, we’ve accepted the offer right away. It’s one of the most prestigious European circuit racing series, with a long-term vision and a direct connection to the USA,” said the two-time European champion, whose daughters are also not afraid of this challenge. “Despite it’s been a while for me, I’m not afraid to race against Aliyyah and Yasmeen, even though I’m ready to accept that it won’t be too glorious after 22 years. But Martin also does not rule out a possibility that his daughters would try the US series. “Sure, it’s not going to be tomorrow. Our priority is Dakar Rally 2022, but the world of motorsport never stops and if you miss an opportunity, you will never get it back.”


By racing in Croatia in the EuroNASCAR’s Club Challenge, Aliyyah Koloc will confirm her status as the most universal racing driver right now, as after her experience in Can-Am DV21, Mercedes-AMG GT3, Mercedes-AMG GT4 and a Buggyra truck, she is also going to try a NASCAR special. “I’ve seen a couple of races in the US, and it’s full of action. We’ll go with David, who is studying the technical aspects of both cars that we’re going to race with. He says that it’s going to be a “massacre”, but also that it will be fine.”


And Yasmeen Koloc, who just at the beginning of the month had a very smooth and successful switch from Renault Clio to Mercedes-AMG GT4 at Brno, is looking forward to race in the same car as her father. “Aliyyah and I need to discuss how to approach this, but dad is a dad! Anyway, we should drive in a car that doesn’t even allow you to go slowly. I’m very excited.”

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