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Koloc sisters are awaiting big premiere at Dakar Rally. Their mentor will be competition legend Josef Macháček

Just only 18 years old twins Aliyyah and Yasmeen Koloc are heading to their debut at Dakar Rally. Both Buggyra ZM Racing drivers will compete with buggy Can-Am DV21 in T3 Light Prototypes category will be watched by legendary Josef Macháček, known for his 20 Dakar starts and six wins.


Koloc sisters are awaiting big premiere at Dakar Rally. Their mentor will be competition legend Josef Macháček

„T3 Light Prototypes category is for our team a brand synonymous with success. We entered this competition in 2020. Just only one year later we have won Dakar thanks to Josef Macháček, leader of our project. Now we will race with two buggys. One car will be piloted by Aliyyah Koloc and the other by her sister Yasmeen,“ team principal Martin Koloc said.


„It will be result of their three-year preparation. Premiere start will mainly mean gathering experience. Navigators will have a huge part of success of the mission. Aliyyah will be navigated by experienced Frenchman Stéphane Duplé. Yasmeen will also have a proven co-pilot, South African Taye Perry will navigate her,“ Buggyra ZM Racing team boss added.


Both Dubai born twins, Aliyyah and Yasmeen Koloc, are experienced pilots despite their age. This is evidenced by the fact that Aliyyah is now leader of FIA Middle East Cup for Cross-Country Bajas.


Buggyra chief designer David Vršecký, who is also the mentor of the Buggyra Academy, believes in those girls: „Both girls are ready and have a lot to do in the races in the territory where Rally Dakar will be held. We tested in Dubai and Saudi Arabia. Of course, you can prepare for the Dakar, but the best preparation is the just to conquer Dakar Rally itself. It will be very difficult for them, like for any newcomer. The main goal should be to reach the finish. We want them to drive the entire competition, gain experience and build on it for the next racing season."


Josef Macháček, doyen of the team, is still involved in development of the prototype and has been passing on his rich experience to the competitors in the Buggyra Academy throughout the year. "I will spend the entire Dakar together in the car with Josef. He will also be my advisor so that I can make the right decisions," explained team boss Koloc Macháček's other position.


„Three-year racing mission in Buggyra is accomplished. The car is developed to a very good level. We underlined its development with a triumph in our category in 2021. It will therefore be easier for the young generation to step up, to which I will act as a mentor," says the experienced Dakar veteran.


Macháček is pure Dakar phenomenon. He ranks among those exceptional riders who managed to win in multiple categories. In his case, they are ATVs and SSV of the T3 Light Prototypes category.


„I merged my life and racing career with Rally Dakar. Twenty years is really a lot. Working with Buggyra has extended my sporting life at the highest level. This year, however, I have a premiere in the role of a mentor. It will be interesting to watch the competition from the other side," Macháček is looking forward to it.


Start in T3 Light Prototypes category is also a technical challenge for Buggyra ZM Racing. With their modified special, both young girls will compete with all the important brands that operate in this sector. „Our technical section is in good hands under the leadership of David Vršecký, and I believe that we can expect quality results in the long term," believes Koloc. 


„Cars are ready. They are a year further along in development, we have experience from last Dakar. We learned from those, the cars work great for us. But it will be exciting from start to finish," added chief designer Vršecký.

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