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ČTK, Luboš Veselý - 19.11.2018

Kolomý Is Up to His Jubilee Tenth Dakar. Šoltys Would Like to Peep to Top 10.

Kolomý Is Up to His Jubilee Tenth Dakar. Šoltys Would Like to Peep to Top 10.

The year 2019 will be marked by celebration of 50th anniversary of the brand by the Buggyra Racing team. The celebrations are to begin by a success at the Dakar Rally. Their plans for the coming 41st edition of the legendary competition were introduced by the team seated at Roudnice nad Labem in a trendy manner on the ground of the National Technical Museum in Prague.


"Of course we want to be successful and win, but, frankly speaking, we are well aware that this is a remote goal and that many factors must meet for the goal to be achieved. We approach it humbly," were the opening words of the Tatra Buggyra Racing team manager Jan Kalivoda. “I am glad we could hold our press conference right here where you can see the development of the technology since the very beginning of the Tatra brand existence. It is a pride of the Czech Republic,“ praised Kalivoda the brand, adding some information about the prepared celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Buggyra brand. “Everything began this year in Most, where Buggyra entered the virtual currency exchange with its crypto currency Buggyra Coin Zero. Further attractions are prepared for the Dakar period, so carefully follow our social network so that you can celebrate this great anniversary together with us.“


Following mutual satisfaction the cooperation contract between the Roudnice centre and the joint-stock company Tatra Trucks a.s. has been extended by another two years. “This cooperation is beneficial for us for several reasons. The first reason is marketing, as during Dakar Tatra is visible everywhere, in Czech as well as international media. The second reason is development, as we together with Buggyra test components which may subsequently be used in our serial truck production,“ said at the press conference the speaker of Tatra Trucks a.s., Mr. Andrej Čírtek.


Like the team manager, Martin Kolomý too spoke about good luck before the rally, but at the same time he mentioned that he believed in his skills as well. He said he was pleased by the quantities of sand waiting for the race trucks in the context of this edition. Up to 70 percent of the total 3,000 rally kilometres are scheduled in dunes and sand. "I like sand, I only hope we will not have to get out of the truck and dig it out or put it back on its wheels from lying on its side,” the native of Bruntál let out a little smile before his jubilee tenth Dakar participation. "The rutted sand will be hell on the earth. We will be happy if we get to the finish without damaged health or truck. I am a great optimist, but on the other hand I remember very well that several times we had all sorts of troubles so I can only hope we will be able to avoid them this time," said Kolomý, whose crew will again include the navigator Rostislav Plný and the mechanic Jiří Stross.

The second truck will be piloted by Martin Šoltys, who only narrowly escaped the top ten in his premiere Dakar start, where he finally ranked twelfth. "I hope the second start will be a little easier. Even though I was a little afraid of the sand before my first start, I came to like it in the end. I am glad the whole rally will take place in Peru, without the Bolivian altitudes," said Šoltys, whose ultimate aim is to move up to the elite top ten in the final ranking.


The forty-first edition of the Dakar Rally will also be attended by the legendary navigator Josef Kalina, however in a role a little different from what he had been used to so far. “This year I will be the speaker of the Czech TV programme “Dakar Behind the Curtain”, already featured on Czech TV last year and this year taken over by Buggyra for the coming Dakar. We will peep into the background of the teams and take a tour across the route of the race in Peru,“ revealed Josef Kalina.

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