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Karel Kříž - 26.06.2017

Kolomý Wants to Test Truck and Succeed at Silk Way Rally!

Kolomý Wants to Test Truck and Succeed at Silk Way Rally!

Today a press conference of the Tatra Buggyra Racing Team was held in Prague. The reason was the premiere participation in the upcoming long-distance race Silk Way Rally. The Roudnice team will be represented in Russia, Kazakhstan and China between 7 and 22 July an untraditional team consisting of Martin Kolomý, Jiří Stross and Michal Ernst.


Martin Kolomý would like to improve his racing spirit after this year´s Dakar and looks forward to his premiere start at the Silk Way Rally very much. Although the Dakar Rally remains his priority, the Silk Way is a valued race and he would not be against one of the top ranks. “I will start with a new model of Tatra Phoenix, already used at Dakar this year. We have improved the truck with a lot of new components which need proper testing," said Martin Kolomý, looking forward to more than double live kilometres n comparison to this year´s Dakar.


Kolomý´s partners in the cab will not be the Kilian brothers as usual this time, but Jiří Stross, a native of Roudnice, and the experienced navigator Michal Ernst. Stross, for whom this race will only be his third cross-country competition in life, will start with a third crew this time. “I hope the blame is not on my side, “ commented Jiří on his premiere at the Silk Way Rally. The third member of the team will be one of the best Czech rally navigators, dictating the route to pilots such as Štěpán Vojtěch, Tomáš Enge, Vojtěch Štajf, Martin Semerád or Martin Prokop. Now he will return to the Tatra team after more than 5 years. “The route is very demanding from the navigation point of view, and so I asked for a couple of useful tips the living legend Pepa Kalina,” said Michal Ernst.

The press speaker of Tatra company Andrej Čírtek wished Buggyra, the official partner to Tatra Trucks, good luck in the race, saying that the route crosses a couple of interesting localities of potential exports of Tatra, which is expressed by the racing slogan “Tatra Will Carry You Farther”, which will be switched from Russian to Chinese language version on the way. “Dakar, Silk Way Rally and other demanding races prove that the Tatra chassis is unique in the world, able to jump over 15 metres, endure immense hits, and all that with incredible terrain mobility,“ said Andrej Čírtek.


The management of the TATRA Buggyra Racing team monitored the long-distance race called Silk Way Rally for several years but only this year, on the basis of agreement with the Tatra company, they decided to extend their racing programme with it. “Silk Way Rally is certainly comparable in terms of organisation and financial demand to the Dakar Rally, therefore the decision-making was not easy. The key aspects included the agreement with TATRA Trucks and media value which lagged behind a little bit last year. Dakar still remains our priority, Silk Way should test our readiness for Dakar, but I do not say our only aim is to take part and nothing more, “clarified the team manager Jan Kalivoda the decision taken for this year.



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