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Luboš Veselý - 11.01.2019

Kolomý Will Continue, Šoltys Manages First Marathon Stage Successfully!

Kolomý Will Continue, Šoltys Manages First Marathon Stage Successfully!

Martin Kolomý arrived in the bivouac after nearly two days out with determination agreed among all crew members: We want to continue! Martin Šoltys struggled in stage four not only with his rivals but also with demanding navigation and dusty road.


Martin Kolomý returned to the bivouac after a long night spent among high dunes where the temperature dropped below 10 degrees Centigrade. “The ride in the dunes was beautiful, we climbed to a control point and our cardan broke in the middle, destructing all that could be destructed. Pity, but this is Dakar,“ stated Kolomý in a sporty manner. “I am glad we are in the bivouac for yesterday it looked like spending more time out there. When I looked around among the dunes I did not believe in a good result but then we repaired it somehow. This was a real big portion of adrenalin but the truck Is here at last. The boys only have to do a couple of minor repairs and on Sunday we continue, unfortunately outside the overall ranking. We will only be ranked in the second half of the race. This option has been newly introduced to Dakar this year and we are going to make use of it.“


“of course I am glad we are back after the two days. We will take some rest after the night which we really “enjoyed”. Our cardan broke in the worst possible place, we had to drink the chalice of bitterness down to the bottom. We had to wait for the morning, to drive across the big dunes in the darkness of the night would equal to suicide,“ described Kolomý´s navigator Rosťa Plný their experiences of stage three.


Martin Šoltys finished the first half of the marathon stage with the sixteenth rank. “Another very difficult race, we are tired but successfully in the finish. And that is the most important thing at Dakar. The truck ran absolutely without problems, we only had to look for the route a little. The vehicle in front of us rose a lot of dust and so we could not drive at the maximum possible speed. We are glad it is over, now we will prepare for the second half of the marathon stage and on Saturday we will take a little rest.“


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