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Luboš Veselý - 19.01.2018

Kolomý´s “Hattrick“!

Kolomý´s “Hattrick“!

In stage twelve Martin Kolomý performed a cross-country flight and until the last kilometres he struggled for this year´s first stage victory. However, he still could not escape some trouble shaped as a defect and the need to refuel diesel before the stage finish. Finally he ranked only after the Dutch pilot Van Genugten in Iveco. Thus he scored the third podium rank at this edition. Martin Šoltys finished the stage with 13th rank.


Martin Kolomý lived through a drama before start today, for until the last moment he was not sure whether he would be able to start at all. “Today was very interesting for when I woke up I found that the boys had changed my rear axle. I would like to thank all mechanics and the boys of Adria. Yesterday, somewhere in the river basin, a stone shot off my differential box and left my transaxle gearing naked and we were afraid to continue with that. In the night Honza Kalivoda concluded an agreement with the Adria boys. They agreed to give their rear axle to me, which I thank them very much once again,“ remembered Kolomý the dramatic moments before the start of the Thursday stage. And after all that he flew over it with the second quickest time and for a long time even struggled for his first stage victory this year with the Dutch pilot Van Genugten.”Today´s stage was in stones for the most part and very difficult. We had two defects, which delayed us a little again. The first half was beautifully fast, the second was worse as we overtook all trucks and had to make the way after the passenger cars. That is unpleasant for the cars have narrower wheelbases and we have to break the way through. There we also tore the tyre twice. The second rank is fantastic, I am happy about it, and I am mainly glad that the truck holds together and works. As I like to say, Tatra is immortal and I believe it will carry me to the finish of the rally,“ was Kolomý´s evaluation of stage twelve.


Martin Šoltys has survived the hardest part of his first Dakar, being awake for more than thirty six hours. “It was very hard today for we did not have time to sleep at all. We began at 8 in the morning yesterday and returned at eight today, which makes some 36 hours of driving, a real massacre. Tatra worked faultlessly today, the road was nice, except for the beginning which was quite bumpy. Only we did not manage to repair the intercom in the short time we had in the bivouac so we had to drive without it again and communicate by various gestures, but we are in the finish, so far so good,“ this is how the hard moments were described by Martin Šoltys.I am tired like hell,“ he added, laughing.


This Dakar is rougher than usual, that is obvious. I think the organizers took revenge for our complaints and now feed us with tracks harder than ever. But I like it. The route is beautiful, and well prepared, the roadbooks are perfect. The way is demanding, one obstacle after another, in short a real Dakar, this is what Dakar should be like,“ was the evaluation by he tired Dakar veteran Josef Kalina. “I must confess in the morning I was quite drowsy and I even napped in the truck when we were through a calm and straight section, but it was only a long wink. Then, surprisingly, in the second half I was more alive and now after about forty eight hours of racing I am still quite alert,“ he added.


Results of stage 12:


1. Van Genugten               IVECO           7:02:36

2. KOLOMÝ                      TATRA         +04:11

3. Nikolaev                       KAMAZ          +06:21

4. Villagra                        IVECO           +07:29

5. Ardavichus                   IVECO           +15:14                                      

13. ŠOLTYS                      TATRA         +1:28:04


Overall ranking after stage 12:


1. Nikolaev                       KAMAZ          47:14:31

2. Villagra                        IVECO           +00:00:01

3. Viazovich                     MAZ              +3:26:14

4. Mardeev                       KMAZ            +5:05:15

5. Van Genugten               IVECO           +5:23:40

11. KOLOMÝ                    TATRA         +8:55:12
13. ŠOLTYS                      TATRA         +20:47:04

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