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Petr Bosnakov - 30.08.2021

Lacko lifted people out of their seats in Most, Calvet reigns in Goodyear Cup!

After the Covid fast, Adam Lacko rewarded the spectators with two podium finishes in the main races, while his teammate Teo Calvet had the most successful weekend of his career in the European Truck Championship at the Most circuit. The youngest competitor Aliyyah Koloc fulfilled the set race plan. Lacko is third in the overall standings, with Calvet moving up to seventh.


Lacko lifted people out of their seats in Most, Calvet reigns in Goodyear Cup!

According to team principal Martin Koloc's plan, Adam Lacko was to win, Téo Calvet was to score points and Aliyyah Koloc was to see the chequered flag in every heat. "Kiss was somewhere else in Most, but Adam put in a very good performance, losing fifteen points to the interim leader is not devastating. Well above expectations, Aliyyah did what was asked of her," Martin assessed the weekend immediately after the end of the last race. "And a big thank you to the organisers and spectators. I don't give out superlatives on cue, but it turned out great."


The fight for the title continues

Although Adam Lacko dropped one place on home soil compared to the Hungaroring, he remains in contention for the title, while Antonio Albacete and, surprisingly, Jochen Hahn lose out. "Norbert Kiss is in a brutal phase, but no one is unbeatable, I'm down fifteen points, but I'm betting on consistency," said Adam after the last race. "It's a shame about Saturday's super field. Half of the circuit was wet, half was dry. I don't really like this combination. The Cup race was okay, I passed three riders and it was a box." On Sunday, Adam improved one place in the main race, finishing second behind Kiss. "Like I said, Norbert rode great, I'm not the type to rip everything with power. It was a very tough race, I was defending second place against Jochen and Sascha. At one point I even wondered if they were going in with the aim of puncturing my tyre. But I try to look for the good in people."


Number one with an exclamation point

An extraordinary performance was then delivered by Téo Calvet, who took home the very valuable scalp of six-time champion Jochen Hahn from Most. He was most successful in Saturday's second race, in which he finished second. "The European crate and Jochen's scalp, now I have to deal with it. On top of that, 25 points and moving up to seventh place, with me only three points behind fifth-placed Jochen Hahn," Téo recapped his dream weekend. "Of course, I have to thank the whole team, who did a great job. Starting in our national championship seems like a good option, I agree with my dad and Martin that I need to race." Adam Lacko did not spare words of praise either. "Téo confirmed that he has the skills to fight for the box, he is systematically improving, it's not up and down. He has improved himself and the team. Moreover, he told me quite cleverly that third place is okay, but he is leading in the Goodyear Cup," Adam added with a laugh.


Mission accomplished

Aliyyah Koloc went into the bridge stop with the task of completing as many races as possible. She completed the plan 100%. "I've said before that I don't really feel like judging myself. I rode well, I had a couple of battles where I used my knowledge of the home environment," commented the world's youngest and fastest female trucker ever. According to mentor David Vršecký, his charge is working as she should. "Last year she went up so fast, we agreed that she needs to calm down. She has no need to rush anywhere. She's fifth in the Goodyear Cup in strong competition, so she's fine." 

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