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Luboš Veselý - 17.09.2017

Lacko Scores Eleventh Victory and He and Vršecký Continue to Reign the Championship

Lacko Scores Eleventh Victory and He and Vršecký Continue to Reign the Championship

Lacko and Vršecký, after the not very successful first day on the Belgian circuit, improved their image on Sunday by two podium ranks, with Lacko winning the first Sunday race. Thus he largely eliminated the Saturday loss and will bring to France an advantage equal to 53 score points. The scores achieved by both pilots increased the advantage of the Buggyra Racing team in the Constructors´ Cup.



Super Pole

Adam Lacko ended the super pole time practice with the best lap time assuring his start for the first race of the weekend from the first row. “Wonderful, I am satisfied, even though the pole position is no outspoken advantage here for the first left turn is followed by a series of right turns, which means that a good start may count a lot. The truck works excellently and I will strike,“ rejoiced the interim leader of the championship after the Saturday time practice.


David Vršecký se struggled for a quicker lap time with Lenz, like in Most, and eventually obtained his starting position in the third row, side by side with the same German pilot.”Now we drive on the dry road for the first time in fact. We have tuned up the brakes since yesterday for my rear disc broke in the second practice, so I am still getting used to them a little. In the second lap my driving was a little more risky and I managed a better lap time, pity Lenz did too. But I will see what the race itself will be like. The third row does allow to strike the podium,“ said Vršecký.


First Race

The technically demanding Belgian circuit tested both the pilots and their technologies. It was technology that betrayed Lacko in the first race, making him give up after the fifth lap for problems with gear changing. “I do not know what happened but suddenly I could not change gears. Pity to dramatise the race unnecessarily like this. I begin to believe that Zolder is elf-struck for me,“ sighed Lacko, who had given up prematurely at least one race here for the past three seasons.


The double European champion and the fresh Chinese champion David Vršecký improved his final rank by one, when after start from the sixth position he finally ranked fifth. “Stefi (Halm) manages starts well and I could not manage to keep her behind me. In the middle of the race my brakes were overheated and I had to watch for staying in the race till the end. It was a drama after all,“ said Vršecký.


Second Race

In the second Saturday race Adam Lacko enacted a nice chase bringing him from the starting seventeenth to the final fifth rank. “Right after start I tried to advance. For a moment I spotted David off the track. I do not know what happened there. I am glad I did not increase my loss from the first race further, ending the race right after Hahn. I believe in a better tomorrow,” said Adam in the pits.


A collision with Lenz pushed David Vršecký off the track at the beginning of the race and made him drop in the ranking and finish the second Saturday race ranking tenth. “In the first curve someone pushed me off the track and I could not do anything. I must watch the video to see what happened,“ said Vršecký about the second race.



Super Pole

Adam Lacko repeated his Saturday time practice performance and again obtained the pole position to start the first race of the day. “We planned start from the second starting position, which would be fine, but this plan failed. But above all I am glad the truck works and if nothing changes in this I believe in a podium rank under these conditions. When I saw Hahn ranking sixth after the first practice lap I began to believe that we might reduce yesterday´s loss after all, but I knew he would not leave it like that. Nothing falls in your hands for free and so we will pull as much as we can,” said Lacko with determination.


David Vršecký, the second pilot of the Buggyra Racing team, struggled with the brakes rather than with his rivals in Belgium. The Sunday time practice ordered him to the fourth starting row. “I ride was fine, only we keep adapting the brakes here and I must get used to new and new settings. I am not satisfied with the seventh starting position too much but I believe in a better rank in the race,“ was Vršecký´s comment on the super pole Vršecký.


Third race

Adam Lacko, the interim championship leader, improved his image after the black Saturday winning the third race of the weekend in the start-finish manner. “This time I watched very carefully for the successful first curve and I did manage. I am extremely happy, especially that the truck worked faultlessly,” rejoiced Lacko, adding to his score of this season the eleventh victory in a race.


David Vršecký finished the race ranking seventh and will thus start from the first row in the last race of the weekend. “I tried to strike with maximum force. There was some mess in front of me after start but I got out of it without problems, luckily. Now I am going to start from the first row so I will see what I can get out of it,” commented Vršecký on the pre-final race of the weekend.


Fourth Race

In the last race of the weekend Adam Lacko managed to advance from the eighth to the fourth rank and largely eliminate his Saturday loss. “Pity I could not advance further to get to the podium with David. In the final straight I was already driving side by side with Kiss, but I did not complete the attack successfully. but otherwise we against took back some of the points we donated to Hahn yesterday, so the final impression is satisfaction,“ said Lacko about the fourth race, leaving Zolder with an advantage of 53 points over the rest of the field.


The double European champion David Vršecký again confirmed that in Belgium he was better off on Sunday, finally ranking silver in the last race. “I am so happy. I tried to drive carefully for the track was slippery and so the drive was at the brink of accident. But I accomplished my mission here and so I can be satisfied,” said Vršecký on the fourth Belgian cup race.


Despite the failed Saturday the Buggyra Racing team increased their overall advantage in the Constructors´ Cup to 44 score points thanks to the contributions of both pilots!

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