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Lacko Wins at Legendary Nürburgring, Vršecký Penalised from Third Rank

Lacko Wins at Legendary Nürburgring, Vršecký Penalised from Third Rank

In the second Sunday race the Czech national anthem was played over the Nürburgring thanks to Adam Lacko, the winner of the fourth cup race of the weekend. David Vršecký ranked third, but subsequent penalisation pushed him down to the seventh rank. Despite that Buggyra won in the team competition.

The second race promised an even more interesting show in front of the 170 thousand spectators when the fist eight ranking pilots form the first race exchanged starting positions.

An incredible start was performed by Markus Bösiger, who was catapulted to the level of the first row. But the Swiss pilot made a mistake in the first curve and literally wiped off Reinert and Kiss. Adam Lacko benefited from the incident by taking the lead. David Vršecký ranked fourth after the first lap.

David started chasing Benedek Major, but at the same time had to watch the domestic Jochen Hahn behind his back. In the fifth lap the Buggyra pilot successfully attacked the third rank and got it. The situation was not utilised by Hahn, who then suffered behind the Hungarian for the next four laps.

In an overtaking manoeuvre the pilot of Oxxo Energy did not manage the situation and wiped Hahn off the track. The situation was utilised by Norbert Kiss, ho found his way from the tenth to the fourth rank.

Adam Lacko drove in a controlled manner in the lead and finished with the same first rank after thirteen laps. "The truck performed well today. After start I took the lead and when Antonio tried to overtake once I watched him and defended my third rank. I am really very glad about the result and we all deserve it,“ said the happy Adam after the race.

David Vršecký did not let anybody take his third rank, but was deprived of the cup by the commissioners who decided about penalisation with thirty seconds for overtaking under he yellow flags. "I do not know anything about overtaking Hahn under the yellow flags. Unfortunately, as the commissioners showed me on the video recording, it was so indeed. I did not notice in the middle of my struggle with Major and Hahn. It is a great pity but even so we are leaving in an excellent mood,“ said the disappointed David.

Subsequently also Major was penalised for hitting Hahn and thus Vršecký eventually ranked seventh. The main trophy among the teams was taken over by the technical director of Buggyra Robin Dolejš. Thus the Czech team fixed their second rank in the constructors´ cup with an advantage of nine points against the third ranking Reinert Adventure.

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