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Lacko Wins Second Rank in Austria, Vršecký Deprived of Third Rank by Finish Line Photograph

Lacko Wins Second Rank in Austria, Vršecký Deprived of Third Rank by Finish Line Photograph

Adam Lacko and David Vršecký won the first and the second rank for Buggyra, thus reinforcing leadership of the Czech team in the Constructors´ Cup. Adam Lacko also won the second podium rank in the individual competition when after start from the first row he finished silver in the first cup race. In the second race of the day it was David Vršecký´s turn, when he nearly reached to the third rank.

Super Pole

After the soaked Friday the Saturday time practice was already held on dry road. The mechanics of the Buggyra team began to work on the “dry” setting of the truck already in the night and it paid back. Adam Lacko only covered one lap in the time practice, saving the technology for the super pole, where he won the excellent first row in the starting grid. David Vršecký also advanced to the super pole without problems with his fourth best lap time. “The last lap was nice, my truck was real quick and I thought I might advance up to the second rank. But in the last curve I was overoptimistic and finally I missed the better position,” said David, satisfied with his results like his team mate.

Adam: “It was real tight. I could not manage to cover one good lap but eventually I did. It is certainly a promising starting position for the race.“

Cup race 1

The start of the first weekend race was more or less without problems, and yet the fans filling the crowded tribune were provided with a nice show in the very first curve. David Vršecký wanted to make use of Hahns´s hesitation and attacked his rank at the exit from the first curve. But the experienced stager defended his rank successfully. David tried that again a couple of times in the course of the first lap but he could not manage to get to the third rank. Just a tiny little bit and he would have been there. “For three times I was by his side but always on the bad side. In addition the race was complicated by the slow pilots one lap behind but we managed everything and eventually scored the important points and victory among constructors,” smiled David. Also Adam Lacko tried to make the champion title defender Kiss nervous after start but the latter could not be provoked to make a mistake and then Adam rather had to watch his back where there was the approaching Hahn. “The start makes the race at Red Bull Ring. The start was successful and after that all we had to do was to take care not to make a mistake. I kept Hahn behind me and thus defended my second rank from the qualification. A super result for the start,“ said Adam after the race.


Cup race 2

The order of the first eight scoring pilots was inverted and entertainment was expected. The newcomer to truck racing from Britain named Brit Ryan Smith started from the first row but he could not stand the pressure and flew off the track. David Vršecký starting from the third row had to resolve difficult issues. Even so he advanced to the fourth rank and at one moment he seemed to have beaten the third Korber at the finish line. “There was some chaos after start but luckily we lined up without bigger crashes. The boys told me I ranked third but I did not believe them. I felt I passed the finish line a little bit after Körber. Eventually the finish line photograph confirmed my feelings. The confusion was caused by the transponder location, which we have on the truck front and Gerd in the rear,“ was Vršecký´s approach to the confused final ranking of the second race. Adam Lacko tightly followed David since the start stuck to his rear bumpers for the whole twenty laps. “The start is much about good luck and when you have your team mate next to you then you cannot risk excessively. Eventually we rank second in the teams reinforcing our leadership in the final interim ranking, so another successful race,“ was Adam´s evaluation of the Saturday performance.

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