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No Pasting Over!

No Pasting Over!

For a second time in the course of a couple of hours David Vršecký could say to himself that justice did exist. After a dramatic race he eventually ranked above Markus Bösiger in the last race of the season and thus could rejoice over the defended overall fifth rank.

David ´s objective in the final race of the season was solely to beat Markus Bösiger. He began to materialise this mission immediately after start when he easily overtook the Finnish trucker Makinen. But he soon notices that Makinem had caused a collision between Bösiger and Lacko, who dropped to lower ranks in the starting field. However, a red flag appeared over the circuit meaning interruption of the race. "I am not ill-minded but when I could see how both racing specials of Adam and Markus were miraculously revived before the restart, even though they had been the cause of the interruption, I did not feel good at all.“ Further hard moments were prepared for David immediately after the restart by Frankie Vojtíšek. Vojtíšek made an exemplary spin, David had to bypass his truck and that sent him back to the fifth rank. The assumed scenario of the following progress of the race was not very pleasing. “Adam will be slowing me down cleverly while Markus will reach the finish at peace. I tried whatever I could think of but Adam had mastered this type of racing absolutely," described David the following eight laps of the final race. However, after that Bösiger was "detailed" against his will to pass the pits lane. "I must admit that I was pleased, considering what had been happening before that. I knew that to finish would be enough. I only wonder how somebody as experienced as Bösiger can lose a race like this.” David did not hide his happiness after the race. "I would only like to know whether I will enjoy any normal end of a season at all any time. Le Mans was successful, I am glad for the fifth overall rank. At least we do not have to paste over the cab numbers."

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