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Peace of Mind...

Peace of Mind...

After the fourth rank in the handicap race the overall rank of David Vršecký after the first racing day of the European Race Truck Championship is second. He could hardly have wished a better beginning!

David started the handicap race from the fourth row and despite the starting scramble in the opening curves he peacefully held the sixth rank. "We agreed before the race that to score points was the priority and there was no point in trying to get forward at any cost," revealed David. The next part of the race was dominated by the Czech duel between Lacko and- Vršecký. After Adam, making use of the inner side of the track, successfully fought back a couple of Vršecký´s attacks, he had to capitulate in the seventh lap. "I said to myself several times in the past that Adam was very hard to overtake. That is why I was so happy about the successful maneuver. What a pity Jochen was so far away at that moment. In any case, I am absolutely satisfied with the fourth rank and with the whole progress of the first racing day of the season. If only it continued in a similar manner." Like after the cup race even Yuri Jegorov had a reason for satisfaction. The Russian pilot ranked sixteenth, even before Norbert Kiss, among others.

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