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Luboš Veselý - 28.03.2017

Pilots of Buggyra Racing Team Enjoy Crowds of Fans at Sosnová!

Pilots of Buggyra Racing Team Enjoy Crowds of Fans at Sosnová!

On Sunday 26 March the Sosnová Autodrome housed the third edition of the Mogul Dakar meeting. The participants also included the TATRA Buggyra Racing team, whose colours were represented by the star triad of Martin Kolomý, David Vršecký and Adam Lacko bringing in their typical vigour.

The spring weather and the rich programme promised extraordinary viewer rates. The expectations did come true and the circuit was visited by the record 8,000 fans who were really far from being bored.

Our pilots enjoyed the excellent atmosphere. They were busy for the whole day. When not racing they gave away their autographs and got photographed with their fans. “Their number is absolutely incredible. I think we enacted a decent show and the spectators enjoyed it as much as we did! I would like to thank them for their support and I hope I will pay back next year by being able to show then the dreamt of Dakar Bedouin,”  was the evaluation of the day and hope of Martin Kolomý.

David Vršecký advised already in the eye catcher to be travelling to Sosnová for some adrenalin. First by his ride in the circuit racing special he heated the crowds of fans up to the boiling point and then in the Phoenix cab he tore one of his rear tyres to pieces. “When testing in Most on Friday Martin and I agreed that we would go into it at 101% n Sosnová. And in addition, the fans know how to get you in the game, and you cannot just finish the race without being involved. I covered about three laps with a rear tyre defect, which I did not know, only feeling that the truck behaved unexpectedly. I decided better not to answer the question about the price of one such tyre,“ laughed the quickest trucker of the planet.

“I had my premiere in Sosnová today but the boys who already had some experience from previous years told me it would be super here, and weather permitting, many people might arrive. And they were right. It was quite funny to try to get to the pits through the thick crowd here,“ stated Adam Lacko, who introduced his skills with his Fat Fox truck in two rides. “I did enjoy it here today, although I must say that in comparison to the Dakar specials I felt like driving a Fiat Punto here,“ added Adam laughing.

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