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Podium finish in the Super Trofeo Europe was close, but Formánek and Záruba received a penalty

The Mičánek Motorsport powered by Buggyra team was close to a podium in both Lamborghini Super Trofeo Europe races at Paul Ricard. But any hopes for good results were halted by complications.


Podium finish in the Super Trofeo Europe was close, but Formánek and Záruba received a penalty

In the end, Bronislav Formánek and Josef Záruba leave France with two 5th places in the Pro-AM category. The biggest shame is Sunday’s race, which could have very likely ended with a podium. However, Bronislav Formánek had been given a drive-through penalty for an error during the driver change, and the podium hopes were over. “During our driver change, we let the car go a few seconds earlier than we were supposed to, so we were given a penalty. We still need to fully investigate it and find out, what exactly had happened. But personally, I think it was several factors, and it all just went badly together,” says the team manager Jiří Mičánek jr. about the difficult moment.


Until that point, the race was looking promising. “We had a good start, with some nice racing and battles,” described Josef Záruba first half of the race. He was heading into the pits from 2nd position. Formánek then managed to take at least 5th place in the Pro-AM, following the penalty, even though he struggled following an incident with a competitor. “It was a smaller incident, but I had a damaged part. The car was vibrating, but as it was near the end of the race, we decided to go until the end,” described Bronislav Formánek.


On Saturday, the team faced technical difficulties due to fuel overheating, just like many other entrants. “Just like many others, we struggled with higher temperatures, which meant that the fuel was starting to boil. That meant a lower performance and the car was throwing out errors,” explained Jiří Mičánek, adding that Lamborghini was trying to figure out the issues all weekend long. In the end, on Sunday it was better, as the race took place earlier in the day when the temperatures were lower.



Also, the other crew Libor Dvořáček – Kurt Wagner had an unlucky weekend. On Saturday, they came close to a podium in the LB Cup class, but their Huracán was forced out by a competitor who spun out.


“Definitely not a weekend we had expected. But we try to look on the bright side, that we have used all our bad luck for a long time ahead, and that we can learn from our mistakes,” ends Jiří Mičánek. 


The Mičánek Motorsport powered by Buggyra team is now preparing for testing in Misano, Italy, which takes place in three weeks. The same circuit then hosts the Round 3 of the Lamborghini Super Trofeo Europe series at the beginning of July.

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