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Potato Finish

Potato Finish

The pilots of Buggyra David Vršecký and Ellen Lohr copied the Sunday cup race in the final race of the weekend like through carbon paper. Like in the cup race David ranked fourth and Ellen twelfth.

David started next to Antonio, who turned up to apologize for his manoeuvre at the beginning of the previous race. "we took that as a manifestation of his free will and as the results are to be decided in the races we decided not to deal with the incident any more," commented on Albacete ´s reconciliatory step the team manager Jan Kalivoda. This time David managed the start, but soon found himself in a rather difficult situation. Bösiger in front of him, and behind him the quick trio Albacete, Kiss, Hahn. "This was not easy but they are all experienced pilots whose reactions are predictable," commented our pilot on the progress of the race. While he resisted attacks of Albacete without major difficulties, overtaking Bösiger now appeared a non-resolvable issue. "I wanted to climb the podium but to overtake Bösiger with Albacete at the back is hard. One little mistake can equal a drop by several ranks. And that I could not afford. So finally I am quite satisfied," assessed David his performance.

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