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Red Ice in the Game

Red Ice in the Game

In addition to David Vršecký and Michal Matějovský the Buggyra colours were also represented this year by the Russian pilot Yuri Yegorov, the owner of the Red Ice team. Further possible cooperation still remains open, as was stated by the Czech team management.

While Michal Matějovský prefers sporting goals, Yuri, who started at the Nürburgring, in Smolensk and in Le Mans, prioritises commercial options connected with truck racing, in the words of the Buggyra team manager Jan Kalivoda. "Clearly his ambition is to establish a Russian truck racing team. In David ´s opinion he knows he will never become a top pilot, but he likes racing. In my opinion this year he needed to get acquainted with the environment, now the decision-making process will follow and next season he will try the circuits once again. At the same time he will begin to put together a team with a longer perspective."

In Honza´s words further cooperation with Buggyra is a question of negotiations. The first round of the discussions may but need not start already in the course of the traditional testing in Most, in the middle of November. “Even in this case the standard rules apply. We offer a well established private make successfully surviving for twelve years in the competition of the factory giants on the absolute European top. This is what our requirements are based on. To say anything else now would be premature,” maintains Honza.

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