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Silver Aquatic Lottery of Adam Lacko, Vršecký A Rank below Podium!

Silver Aquatic Lottery of Adam Lacko, Vršecký A Rank below Podium!

David Vršecký said in the course of the week that he had never experienced rain in Misano. And he quickly added that he would not like to undo that. But this is exactly what happened, unfortunately! Luckily Buggyra was not lost in the aquatic lottery at all.

Saturday: Super Pole

Yesterday the rain and wind intensity even suggested that the whole racing weekend might be cancelled. David Vršecký faithfully characterised the state of affairs by saying: “They are big like a bitch, the pools.“ Fortunately the morning brought at least a hint of hope and so after two soaked time practices the best ten set off for the super pole. While Norbert Kiss pleased himself with the fifth pole position this season, Lacko and Vršecký had to do with the fourth and the fifth starting rank, respectively. “The results do not tell so much. The circuit was neither dry nor wet and the truck behaved accordingly,“ was a matter-of-fact comment of Adam Lacko. “We are going to work on the setting, although the rain seems to be approaching again. Today will be a great alchemy, but on the other hand, the brave are lucky.“ David Vršecký shared his view. “I did not expect we would have to address wet setting in Misano. On the other hand, everything is for the first time once.“

Cup Race 1

As Adam said so it happened. A heavy downpour came before the race and the circuit manager decided for the waiting strategy. Eventually the start was delayed by an hour. “You would not tell how much waiting and inaction may make you tired. If things continue to proceed in this way the second race will start at eight in the evening,” guessed David Vršecký. Eventually the race was started, bringing an interesting show, to a great extent thanks to Adam Lacko. He overtook Albacete after start and Kiss in the fifth lap. This was preceded by a duel for the lead between Kiss and Hahn which Kiss lost. “I am not an emotional pilot but I was really happy that I managed to overtake Norbert. He seemed unbeatable this year,“ maintained Adam. But this was not the end at all for Kiss was by no means prepared to cope with the first defeat of the season. Although two laps before the finish he got in front of Adam again for a short time, the latter took the still imaginary silver back soon. “From the point of view of the pilots on the track an excellent, extremely demanding race, which should be shown to those who dare to speak about a crisis of truck racing,“ said the happy Lacko in the finish. The cup race brought another “hot” duel between Vršecký and Körber. “Gerd knows how to race on water and he tried hard. I had a lot of work with him, but then he over-performed and suddenly found himself outside the first ten ranks,” commented David on the progress of the race, where he eventually ranked fifth.”I did not want to risk too much. For the sake of the team competition and Adam´s result i needed to rank above Janiec, which I managed in the end. Now I am interested in what the second race will be like.“

Cup Race 2

The second Saturday race was eventually very interesting, although delayed by an hour and started in a drizzling rain. David started excellently and took the second rank after Janiec. “Although the start was excellent I already knew that it would be a difficult race. The track was so slippery that instead of thinking about the ranks I had to make effort not to leave the road,” said the finally fourth ranking Vršecký after the race. “I think I gave a decent performance in both races. The podium will come once, may be tomorrow.“ Adam Lacko again demonstrated his wellbeing typical of this season with the resulting silver rank, this time after Kiss. “A quite dramatic race: In the fifth lap Robineau performed a model spin and I, Antonio and Jochen had to work hard to bypass him,“ said Adam, who finally received a caution for a knocked down skittle. “I had to smile at the caution, regarding the conditions, but I took care not to do it again and overtook Janiec without difficulty. Suddenly I ranked second and when they informed me in the earphones that I was the quickest in the lap I thought of chasing Kiss. But he was far ahead and as a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush I did not want to risk any more. What is important is another two score points reducing Jochen´s advantage and a single point to the overall silver rank before tomorrow…“

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