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Slipping on the Edge...

Slipping on the Edge...

After unsuccessful time practice David Vršecký performed at the brink of his limits in the cup race soaked with water. This is a brief characteristic of David Vršecký´s achievement in Le Mans so far.

A couple of minutes after ten am the spirits in the Buggyra pits dropped very low. David Vršecký did not get to the super pole after the first round of the time practice held in a heavy downpour. “The first lap was no good and the rest was even worse. The road was horribly slippery and I could not catch the rhythm,” commented David on his thirteenth lap time, sending him to start from the seventh row of the cup race starting grid. As about ten minutes before the start of the cup race it began to rain cats and dogs again (the European champion Hahn eventually even refused to start at all), hardly anybody believed in David ´s success and any valuable result. But the Roudnice trucker showed the heart of a real fighter. Before the end of the third lap he already held a scored rank and in the course of the next lap he overtook Vojtíšek to rank ninth. He eventually ranked sixth in the finish and this result meant that his chances in the duel for the fifth overall rank were not buried yet, despite the unexpected victory of Bösiger. "Regarding the conditions under which the race was held, perhaps not absolutely regular any more, and further regarding my aversion to water I must be satisfied with the result. Even though Markus ´s advantage over me equals to four points, and he will start for the very last race of the season next to his team mate Lacko, who will not be fighting for anything, just helping his team mate, the truth is that the hares are only counted when the hunt ends," assessed David his chances before the very last performance of this season.  


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