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TATRA BUGGYRA RACING Takes Off for Argentina. Kolomý with 372 Sausages in his Luggage

TATRA BUGGYRA RACING Takes Off for Argentina. Kolomý with 372 Sausages in his Luggage

Technology for the race is OK!
Part of the team left for Argentina one day earlier to pick up the racing and accompanying vehicles in the Buenos Aires harbour. “We pray every year for the vehicles not to be damaged by the organizers in the course of the journey. This year, fortunately, no big problem emerged. A small defect was found on the accompanying Phoenix, but nothing the boys are unable to repair,“ said the team manager Jan Kalivoda before departure, commenting on the fact that the employees of the shipbuilding companies providing ships for transport of the racing vehicles embark and disembark the vehicles themselves.

Kolomý has 372 sausages in his luggage
Martin Kolomý abounded with positive energy at the airport. This year the native of Bruntál will already take part in his seventh Dakar and he feels prepared for the famous competition better than ever before. “I believe we are well prepared, regarding both the technical equipment and our physical fitness. I cannot wait for the start. The waiting is already too long,“ laughed Martin.

Valtr in wig
Jarda Valtr arrived at the airport with a wig on his head for he had had his hair cut before departure. “All leave for Dakar with austere expression in their faces and so I wanted to lighten up the atmosphere a little bit,” laughed Jarda. “We are all a bit nervous and full of expectations, that is clear. I believe at the moment of the start of the competition all will fall off and we will be fully concentrated on the best possible performance in the race.“

Noise is the biggest enemy
What is the biggest enemy in the Dakar race for Tomáš Ouředníček? “Big noise all around you all the time, day and night. In the night the electrical centrals are running, the mechanics are banging, cutting, servicing the vehicles. In 2009 I slept in a tent after one of the racing days when at 4 in the morning a racing motorbike started about a metre away from my head. This is worse than driving and navigating in the blackest darkness,” explained Tomáš Ouředníček.

Dakar Rally will start on 2 January with a ceremonial opening and a 11 km long prologue that will decide about the starting positions for the first stage of the race. The stage will start one day later at Rosario. The successful crews will cross the finish line on 16 January. 

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