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Luboš Veselý - 05.01.2018

TATRA BUGGYRA Team Has Tested Successfully and Looks Out for Podium

TATRA BUGGYRA Team Has Tested Successfully and Looks Out for Podium

On Thursday all three crews of the TATRA Buggyra Racing team, headed by Martin Kolomý, went through the final testing before the launch of the jubilee 40th edition of the Dakar Rally. For the Adria team and also for Martin Šoltys this was the premiere with a truck in sand dunes.


Martin Kolomý set off for the Peruvian dunes on Thursday not only to test the technology but also to try his new crew. “There are beautiful huge dunes with high exits here so we warmed up a little and got to know each other even better within my crew. The truck worked excellently, I am satisfied,” was the evaluation of the winner of two Dakar stages, clearly stating the role of the activity of the day. “A test of the technology before start is important for you never know what condition it may be in after the ocean journey. Some of the teams do not make use of this opportunity and probably test in the course of the first live kilometres on the route but we are a professional team and do our best to prevent problems before it all starts,“ he added.


Martin Šoltys was also satisfied with his first adventurous encounter with the dunes. “In the beginning I found it a little hard for I lacked any experience whatsoever with a truck in dunes. But thanks to Pepa, who is a really excellent navigator and always advises where to direct the truck I managed and calmed down a little. We covered 50 kilometres which were a big lesson for all of us,“ said the Dakar newcomer at the end of the day.


The Adria quick assistance team were a little nervous as newcomers to the rally at its jubilee 40th edition. “Here we are at last. Most of the flight we talked together that we are taking a big bite. And that our dream is completely insane. But after today´s test we are a little calmer and looking forward to the first stage for the waiting before the start is much too demanding,” said Petr Lesák, the navigator of the Adria team.

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