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The Buggyra Academy France drivers are in for a supercharged season, which French trucks have never seen before

The Buggyra Academy France drivers will kick off the new season of the French Truck Racing Championship with this weekend's race at the Paul Ricard circuit in Le Castellet. In addition to the proven trio of Téo Calvet, Raphaël, and José Sousa, the Academy will also welcome a new member this year in several races - French driver Kevin Jimenez.


The Buggyra Academy France drivers are in for a supercharged season, which French trucks have never seen before

This year, French spectators have a lot to look forward to. "It's the best lineup of the year. There will be 31 trucks running the whole season, and there were even five more entries. I remember a time when there were only thirteen. In my opinion, the French championship has become the best truck race in the world. It will be even more challenging to defend our position, as Téo Calvet is the reigning champion and Buggyra Academy France dominated the team standings," explained Buggyra Academy France boss Fabien Calvet.


The new face of the team is Kevin Jimenez, who has a wealth of experience in circuit racing. The 2017 French Peugeot 208 Identical Cup champion is competing in the European GT4 series this year. He will already be in Buggyra colors at Le Castellet and plans to run a total of two to three truck events this season. Alongside Téo Calvet, Raphaël Sousa, and his father José remain in Buggyra Academy France colors.


The fact that the academy has already gained a great reputation in France is evidenced by its partnership with Mercedes. "Téo has become an ambassador for Daimler, which is fantastic. In addition, we have another new partner, Romano Energy. This is a company that produces extremely high-quality biofuel, which is a step in the right direction in these times of environmental protection. And thirdly, Téo will be supported by the major French logistics company Aftral," Fabien Calvet listed the new partners of Buggyra Academy France.


In terms of technology, not much has changed on the trucks. "We're probably going to have a more even fight because MAN has made some more changes to the engine, but we definitely want to fight for the title. We have one of the best teams and definitely the best mechanics in the paddock. We can rely on all of that, but we're going to have an even fight on track," added Fabien Calvet.


Téo is already looking forward to the new season. "Every season is a challenge. Defending is always difficult, but we have by no means underestimated our preparation and we will want to fight for the top positions again. The academy is working very well and I can't wait for the season to start," he said.


Paul Ricard is one of the world's most modern racing circuits. The trucks will run on its 3,800-metre version with ten corners.


The calendar for the 2024 French Truck Racing Championship:
24 - 26 May Paul Ricard
22 - 23 June Nogaro
6 - 7 July Magny-Cours
28 - 29 September Le Mans
26 - 27 October Albi

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