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The highlight of the French truck racing season is here, Buggyra Academy France heads to Le Mans

The apex of the season has arrived as Buggyra Academy France advances to Le Mans, where a night race will also be featured. This weekend, the drivers of Buggyra Academy France will converge at Le Mans. The Bugatti circuit is poised to witness them clashing for points in the penultimate round of the French truck circuit championship, a battle that will extend into the night. Mathematically, Téo Calvet is in a position to celebrate his second national title.


The highlight of the French truck racing season is here, Buggyra Academy France heads to Le Mans

Calvet approaches the race weekend with a 36-point lead over the second-placed Thomas Robineau. If he accumulates more than 61 points by the end of Sunday's final race, the championship title will be secured, irrespective of the outcomes of the final race in Albi. Raphaël Sousa, dominating the Junior standings, could harbor similar aspirations, holding fourth overall with 153 points. José Sousa, in ninth place, has amassed 71 points.


"Le Mans represents the pinnacle of the French championship. We anticipate over a hundred thousand spectators throughout the weekend. All manufacturers and suppliers will be in attendance, marking it as a crucial business event. Robineau considers Le Mans his home race, fueling his motivation. It poses challenges as our truck isn't optimized for tracks featuring fast corners, but we're committed to securing optimal positions," conveyed Buggyra Academy France head, Fabien Calvet.


"It’s almost a home race for Raphaël and José Sousa, given the proximity to Paris. With numerous guests expected, they aim to perform. It's challenging, yet a commendable result at Le Mans could pave the way for overall championship success," added the leader of the French Buggyra Academy programme.


Series leader, Téo Calvet, is eager for the season’s fresh endeavor, the Saturday evening event, with the second heat of the opening day not commencing until 21:30.


"Le Mans is the season’s event. It's where fans, sponsors, and constructors converge. I’m thrilled to race here, more so for the night race! Leading the championship implies a direct confrontation. With only two weekends remaining, a single misstep could reshuffle the deck," expressed Téo.


The French Championship race weekend will feature four races. Qualifying and the ensuing Superpole will establish the starting grid for the first race on both days, with the second race, awarding half the points, presenting a reversed starting order for the top drivers.


Remaining series schedule:

September 23-24: Le Mans
October 14-15: Albi

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