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The Man Was Like Out of His Senses!

The Man Was Like Out of His Senses!

These are the exact words of David Vršecký immediately after being knocked out of the handicap race from the first rank by his last year ´s team mate Nittel! Chris Levett withdrew from the race in the second lap for a technical defect.

David Vršecký started the race from the first position and soon made it the leading rank. After the first lap the second Lvov dropped off and stopped slowing down the group of chasers headed by Nittel. The German trucker had already performed a vey indecent start and unfortunately evidently intended to continue with the riding style beyond the limits of common sense. “I did not see anything like this before. Nittel destroyed the whole rear axle of David ´s truck, his vehicle was perhaps one meter above the ground. At one moment he seemed to be ready to fly over our Buggyra,” described the situation the team manager Honza Kalivoda. David Vršecký made a very similar statement. “I am not a weepy child but the man was like out of his senses. I never saw such a nonsensical and brutal attack in my racing career. I hope truck racing will never become about this riding style. The rear axle will probably have to be written off. If the rear cameras survived by a lucky chance, we will offer really unprecedented snaps," commented David on the fatal clash.

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