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Petr Bošnakov - 28.04.2017

“There is a lot to look forward too,“ Promised by Organizers of Dakar Rally 2018

“There is a lot to look forward too,“ Promised by Organizers of Dakar Rally 2018

About a month ago the organizers of the jubilee 40th edition of Dakar Rally disclosed the route of the race. Yesterday Mr. Marc Coma, the sport director of the most famous long-distance race of the planet, visited Prague. His press conference made clear that there is a lot to look forward to indeed.


We work hard on the new edition. Especially the vision of the return to Peru is very attractive. The crews will enjoy there enough of racing in dunes, missed a little in the recent editions. The opening part of the competition will certainly be very interesting,“ said Marc Coma, the fivefold champion in the motorcycle category (of 2006, 2009, 2011, 2014 and 2015). “The Czech Republic will be largely represented, as always, and so it is only a question of time when a major success arrives.“


The top Czech candidate for the desired Bedouin award is Martin Kolomý, the winner of two Dakar stages of the recent editions. “I consider the return to Peru one of the most positive news. I have always supported the principle that the more demanding the route the better for us. Marc Coma has presented a number of very interesting ideas. I hope they will be successfully implemented. There is enough time for that.“


Jan Kalivoda, the Buggyra Racing team manager, believes that the situation from this year´s edition will not repeat. “I like action movies but this January was rather a horror film. The changed route and Marc Coma in Prague prove that the organizers have realised they made a mistake and strive to avoid such mistakes in future. The return to Peru should be a return to the good old Dakar times.“ 


Photogallery from Dakar 2018 press conference -


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