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Trio of Records Conquered By Second Attempt!

Trio of Records Conquered By Second Attempt!

David Vršecký has conquered three world records in one day at the Dekra testing track in Germany today, including the world speed record at 100 kilometres, 100 miles and 1 hour. The three new entries are still subject to approval by the respective commission of the International Automobile Federation FIA.

David started his first attempt at 12:12, first covering the 100 km track at 177,341 km/hr and thus exceeding the current record by nearly 9 kilometres. Later, after tyre exchange, he started his second attempt at the world speed record at 100 miles, in the course of which he reached an even higher average speed of 178,568 km/hr. In the course of the same ride his distance covered in an hour was also measured (178,975 km). The current records have been very old, held since 1937 by the Englishman G.E.T. Eyston, who did not exceed 170 km/hr at a track near Paris. While on Tuesday the same attempt was thwarted by tyres, today the team has managed to avoid these difficulties. This was mainly achieved thanks tot eh changed track. “This track is an oval with higher curve gradient exerting lower pressure at the tyres, thus causing their lower wear,” explained Kalivoda reminding of the Tuesday attempt, at which the best tyres specifically designed for race trucks, did not endure for the whole attempt. David was happy but tired after the world record attack. Today I have covered about 300 km, my head is close to breaking to pieces from the noise. I am most looking forward to a good night ´s sleep. But I am glad we have managed to reach another goal and confirm that the newly constructed engine is extremely durable," David reminded that the records were only part of preparation to the new European Championship season, starting in a month in Misano, Italy. Today ´s attempts are said to have been successful due to changed strategy. "In the course of the first attempt at 100 kilometres I long drove at the average speed of above 180 km/hr, but the tyres started to remind of themselves and thus I had to slow down. In the course of the next part of the attempt I spared the tyres and only accelerated towards the end.” David described the difference between Tuesday ´s and today ´s record drives.

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