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Petr Bosnakov - 04.10.2021

VIDEO: Adam Lacko hopes for overall podium, Téo Calvet's first European win and Aliyyah Koloc on points for the first time

The European Truck Racing Championship is gaining momentum, one week after Le Mans, the race was held in Jarama. Buggyra was out in force and, especially with Sunday's results, has no reason to be dissatisfied. While Adam Lacko, mainly thanks to his experience, was able to hold his own in the battle for second place with Sasha Lenz, both Téo Calvet and Aliyyah Koloc scored maximums.


VIDEO: Adam Lacko hopes for overall podium, Téo Calvet's first European win and Aliyyah Koloc on points for the first time

"The reality is that Kiss is kind of riding its own championship with the exception of Zolder, yet it still has to confirm the title in Misano. Adam is close to another overall podium, it can almost always be better, but there is no point in building air locks," stated team principal Martin Koloc laconically at the end of the race weekend.

Almost anything can happen
Although Adam Lacko scored only one third place on the otherwise popular circuit, his 33 points, the same score as Sasha Lenz, kept him on the overall podium and in the race for second place. "I agree with Martin, anything can happen at Misano, but Norbert is experienced enough to keep the title in his sights. I'll be concentrating on the battle for silver, so the finish in Italy won't lack the right intensity," said Adam in his assessment of the race weekend. "It's a shame about Saturday, but on the other hand, every point will be decisive in the end, so there was no point in taking too many risks."

While Jochen Hahn is virtually out of contention for the overall podium with a 48-point loss, Antonio Albacete's hopes were slightly revived after Jarama. "Antonio beat me on my home circuit by four points, so, no tragedy. I should take it easy in Misano."


Wins and points
The successful continuator of the family dynasty, Téo Calvet made his first appearance as French champion in Jarama. While Saturday's results were far from his initial expectations, he made up for it on Sunday with a debut win in the final race. "It's a shame about the zero in the first race on Saturday, Steffi and Andre blew me away in sixth place, but Sunday showed that if things work out, things could still be very interesting in Misano."

Aliyyah Koloc declared her desire to participate in the superpole and premiere points before the race. Both came true on Sunday when she set the tenth fastest super pole time despite the inclement weather, and even improved one place in the race. "I'm very happy that I made my dad and David happy. They told me to be cool, that I was done after France. It worked out in the end," stated the youngest racer in history. "The slight jitters came before the race, but the two-hour wait didn't get me down. My dad said I had to do my best, so I listened to him." 

The challenge continues
In the Team's Cup, the title is decided, with the champion pairing of Kiss - Albacete taking the win. Second-placed Buggyra has a 23-point lead over Team Iveco ahead of the last race in Misano. "The Team's Cup is not our priority, but to beat the most successful truck driver in history, Jochen Hahn, in any competition is a challenge," said Buggyra's Head of Communications Jan Kalivoda. 


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