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VIDEO: Aliyyah Koloc grabbed 4 wins at Grobnik, her sister Yasmeen crashed in 140 kph

Just like her sister Yasmeen a month before, also Aliyyah Koloc managed to win in her debut race. But the first race weekend for Buggyra Zero MIleage Racing in 2020 was about more than just trophies.


VIDEO: Aliyyah Koloc grabbed 4 wins at Grobnik, her sister Yasmeen crashed in 140 kph

Buggyra sent 3 cars with Buggyra Academy drivers to a 4,168 metres long Grobnik circuit. While Yasmeen Koloc raced in a Formula 4 category, Aliyyah joined Renault Clio Cup series and Michal Makeš had his premiere behind a wheel of a new Cupra Leon TCR of Mičánek Motorsport team.



“Our goal in Croatia was to do as many race kilometres as possible on the Grobnik circuit, and we’ve definitely achieved that objective. It’s important that the girls get used to having other cars around them, so they can get ready for bigger races in the future. Aliyyah managed to do around 900 kilometres in a race pace, while she also tried competing against faster and slower cars. That is a very valuable experience, that is hard to get,” said Tomáš Enge, a mentor of Buggyra Academy.


But it was not just about driving as Aliyyah also got a taste of being on a podium. And actually, four times, always as a winner! She won two Sprint group races, an Endurance race and a trophy for the fastest woman in a Clio Cup category.


Also, the other Koloc twin gained valuable experience. But unfortunately, the less positive one.


“Unfortunately, we had to cancel Yasmeen’s race weekend earlier. Already in her first race, she had a mechanical failure, which sent her off the track in 140 kph and her car was too badly damaged. Of course, it’s a very uncomfortable situation, but luckily, Yasmeen is alright and mentally she’s handling it very well. We believe, that thanks to this experience, she’s going to be even stronger than before. We’re still trying to figure out what exactly had happened, but the fact is, that in Turn 3, her car stopped reacting to any driver’s inputs. Yasmeen then became only a passenger and there was nothing she could do,” said Enge.


“I’m really sad about it. I think I was doing pretty well, but then suddenly I just couldn’t turn. Actually, by that point, I was in the 3rd place in my class, so I’m also a bit angry that it didn’t work out. But at least it was a bit comforting to see Aliyyah doing well,” shared a 16-year-old Yasmeen Koloc her feelings.

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