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Petr Bosnakov - 27.09.2021

VIDEO: Calvet becomes French champion for the first time, Lacko stays in the title race!

The iconic Le Mans circuit was dominated by truckracing over the weekend, and without a doubt the name Téo Calvet was the most frequently mentioned. The 2020-2021 French Championship was contested alongside the European Championship, and the 20-year-old brought his mission to a triumphant conclusion.


VIDEO: Calvet becomes French champion for the first time, Lacko stays in the title race!

Team principal Martin Koloc could thus congratulate himself on his decision to prioritise the national championship over the European championship in the case of the continuation of a famous family of racers. "Téo and with him Buggyra have their first French title, which is much more important for us, considering the immediate future, than a sixth place in the European championship. Moreover, despite not taking part, Téo is seven points behind the elite six, which is not an insoluble problem, and even without his points we have maintained second place in the Constructors' Cup." From the position of a satisfied father, he could then assess the participation of the youngest trucker ever, as Aliyyah Koloc took the final fifth place and dominated her category. "Aliyyah has done what was asked of her, in her first season she has asserted herself in a competition of twenty-three drivers, and for quite a few of them, she has looked like a red rag on a bull. She also won in Nogaro. There is a lot to build on."

The Buggyra principal once again praised the performance of the team, which managed a record eight races in two days. 



Trouble with the set-up

Adam Lacko arrived at Le Mans as the second driver in the overall standings, having beaten the previous sovereign, Norbert Kiss, at Zolder. However, he struggled mainly with the set-up of his special at the legendary circuit. "What worked in Zolder just didn't work in Le Mans," said Adam, who was kept afloat by the handicap races in which he took second and third place. "On Saturday it started to rain before the second race and I wanted to win, but Norbert put a lot of pressure on me at the end and it was not worth risking a collision for a point. Thirty-three points looks visually nice at least, but I would have liked ten more points. Although I dare say that we reached the maximum possible."

On the other hand, however, a digestible fifteen points separated fourth-placed Lack from the victorious Kiss at Le Mans. "Jochen won for the first time this year, and Antonio also took decent points. Both of them are slightly closer to the elite three and will go to Jarama on the edge," estimated the third driver of the championship after Le Mans, whose gap to Lenz is, however, only three points. "I would have been sorry at the end, but now there is not the slightest reason to be anxious. Next weekend is Jarama, and David and I have to work on the set-up."   


Treble at Le Mans

The order for Téo Calvet was clear - to win the French championship. "I tried not to admit it, but I couldn't quite get it out of my head," Téo admitted as part of the celebrations that could have erupted in full force on Sunday. On the opening day of the race weekend, he did pass his only rival for the title, Janiec, on the last corner, but dropped to sixth place after a penalty. "After a short period of joy came a return to reality, but I stayed calm and finished second in the next race." Before the final day of the championship, Téo needed just two points to win the title. "I finished second and the celebrations could begin. But my dad was right that champions should finish in style, so I won the last race and can focus on Jarama."


Aliyyah Koloc dominated the women's and junior categories in her debut season, finishing fifth overall. "So I actually won one more trophy than Téo," she glossed with a laugh. "I'm obviously happy and I hope to move up next year."

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