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VIDEO: Good start of the season: We can be on the podium regularly, say Formánek and Záruba

A difficult race weekend, challenging conditions, and a new track. All that was added to the mix for the Mičánek Motorsport powered by Buggyra at Imola, yet they took their first podium of the season. Bronislav Formánek and Josef Záruba finished 3rd in the Pro-AM class on Saturday. On Sunday, they finished in 5th place.


VIDEO: Good start of the season: We can be on the podium regularly, say Formánek and Záruba

The opening weekend of the Lamborghini Super Trofeo Europe went successfully for the Mičánek Motorsport powered by Buggyra team. Formánek and Záruba quickly forgot about a big crash during Tuesday’s test, and they bring back home the first podium of the season.


“The driver quickly refocused, and the team worked brilliantly. It’s a great satisfaction, following the past week,” says the team manager Jiří Mičánek jr. after the first race. On Thursday, he actually still did not know whether both drivers will be ready for the race weekend. In the end, the bet that there will not be any limiting injuries paid off.


It was Formánek who started the race on Saturday, who immediately had to defend his position for Záruba, who took over the Huracán ST EVO 2 in the second half of the race. “We had a good driver change, and we knew that there are cars ahead of us, who will be driven by slower drivers in the second stint,” described Formánek right after the race. 


While Záruba originally finished in 4th position, he was promoted to 3rd place following a post-race penalty for Massimo Ciglii, who did not do a drive-through penalty. And the red and blue Huracán in the Mičánek Motorsport powered by Buggyra team colours made it to the podium. 



Josef Záruba started the race on Sunday. And the whole grid struggled with the same – it was too cold, and it was difficult to warm up the tyres enough. “Last year, there was a spec change. The tyres are now harder and it’s more difficult to warm them up. It was a big problem in such weather conditions,” describes Josef Záruba. And as that was the same issue for everyone, there were more accidents than usual, which also meant more Safety Car time. “That made it even worse,” adds Záruba, who then gave the car to Formánek in 3rd place, and behind the Safety Car.


“After the restart, I was in 3rd position, but then one car spun out ahead of me, and I had to go out of the track, to not hit it,” described Formánek the unlucky moment, as he was passed by four cars, two of them from their Pro-AM category. Formánek was then unable to retake the position, due to more Safety Cars. In the end, the whole grid raced for only 6 minutes out of 30, and he also struggled a bit with injuries following Tuesday’s accident. “The worst was the time behind the Safety Car actually, as I had to keep warming up the tyres. The constant quick acceleration and deceleration,” added Formánek.


“The best information is that we can deliver as expected, which means to be regularly fighting for podiums. But we also need a bit more luck, which we didn’t have on Sunday, just like last year,” said Jiří Mičánek jr. after the opening round of the season.


The Lamborghini Super Trofeo Europe series now has a break until the beginning of June, when 30 Huracáns are going to race at Paul Ricard. But this unusual break will be filled, as Bronislav Formánek and Jiří Mičánek are going to race in the opening round of the FIA CEZ championship at Hungaroring next week.

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