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Marek Bernard - 07.09.2020

VIDEO: Victorious Aliyyah rewrites history again, Calvet leads the French championship

A busy racing schedule continued for the Buggyra Zero Mileage Racing team with the French Truck Racing championship at Nogaro. There were plenty of podiums, but one of them was really special.


VIDEO: Victorious Aliyyah rewrites history again, Calvet leads the French championship

While Buggyra entered all its drivers, only Téo Calvet and Aliyyah Koloc counted as full entries, eligible to score points in the French championship. And both Buggyra rookies did such an excellent job, that the team was even running out of space for trophies. Aliyyah took 4 wins as the best woman in the championship and 3 wins and one 2nd place in the Junior trophy. But the 16-year-old Aliyyah also took the 3rd place overall in the opening race. Meanwhile, Téo Calvet was collecting valuable points. He won the first race of the weekend, then he finished 4th and then added a podium with 3rd place finish in Sunday’s first race.



But the most important moment of the weekend came in Race 4. Téo Calvet was one of the victims of first-lap accidents, thanks to great work by the mechanics, he made it back on the track for the restart of the race. And while the young French was making his way through the field, those in the lead were rewriting the history books. Adam Lacko got into the lead of the race, followed by Aliyyah Koloc, who did a great job defending from her competitors. “I’m so happy. I was able to keep the 2nd place after the start, and then I just tried to build some gap. I had to defend a lot at the beginning, but I was able to hold on to the 2nd place position,” said Aliyyah Koloc after the Race 4.

Meanwhile, Téo Calvet managed to get into the 6th place, while Adam Lacko took his second win of the weekend. And the Buggyra did not celebrate just a 1-2 finish, but as Adam was not eligible for the French championship, it was Aliyyah who scored the victory in the series. All that during her just 2nd race weekend ever and she has become the youngest ever winner in the truck racing history. That is a title that previously belonged to her teammate Téo Calvet.

“It’s really amazing that Alliyyah has managed to win on her 2nd race weekend! Of course, I lost that youngest ever winner title, but in this case, I’m glad to lose it! Aliyyah definitely deserves it, she’s done an amazing job,” said Téo about Aliyyah’s victory.


“We did really well here. Just look at all those trophies, I think there are like 15 of them. Aliyyah also adds a new triumph, while Téo leads the French championship. I’m not eligible for points here, so we use this opportunity to test some new components in a race. And, considering that I won qualifying and both races, I think we’re going in the right direction,” said Adam Lacko. “The race starts are pretty wild here. Almost like some of the drivers in the back weren’t thinking and they’re going into situations that simply can’t end well. But that is still a valuable experience to us, and I believe it can help us in the European championship,” added Lacko.

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