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VIDEO: Yasmeen wins the championship, while Aliyyah finishes 2nd in her debut with AMG GT3

The Buggyra Zero Mileage Racing team had a star line-up for the final race of the ESET Cup season with Enge, Lacko and Yasmeen with Aliyyah Koloc. And the results were worth it


VIDEO: Yasmeen wins the championship, while Aliyyah finishes 2nd in her debut with AMG GT3

“Just last week, we were racing here with a 5-tonne truck and now, we’re driving a Mercedes-AMG GT3. I’m really enjoying it. I think it’s about 12 years since I was sitting in the GT3 for the last time. But considering the results, I don’t think I forgot how to drive it! It’s 2nd place in both the Sprint and the Endurance races, so it was a great experience. Two more GT trophies and great teamwork with Aliyyah in the Endurance,” celebrated Adam Lacko his successful weekend.

“On Saturday, it was my first-ever race with a GT3 and right away it was the Endurance, with me and Adam behind the wheel. I’m really excited about the result, it’s a great experience and I’m glad that I managed to keep up with the others in our category and to maintain that 2nd place,” said Aliyyah about her debut with a 600hp Mercedes-AMG GT3 car.

Aliyyah also entered Sunday’s Sprint race marking her another GT3 category race debut. “I really enjoyed today’s wet race. Last week, we also had some rain during our ETRC race, and I’ve got to say that it’s much easier with the GT car! And it was also a 2nd place finish today, so I’m really happy about it and I can’t wait for another opportunity to race this car,” added Aliyyah.



Meanwhile, her sister Yasmeen drove a Renault Clio Cup RS, battling for the 2.0L Endurance championship title, also at Hungaroring.

“The track here is really difficult, and it’s very slippery, especially in wet conditions. To be honest, I’m not really happy with my performance in the Endurance race, but the most important thing is that we’ve managed with Tomáš to finish in 2nd place and win that championship title in our category. It’s really amazing to win a championship title in my first-ever season. Especially after that disappointment in Grobnik,” said an excited Yasmeen.

The 16-year-old also added two victories with the Clio in Sunday’s Sprint races. “And now, I can finally be really happy with my performance,” added laughing Yasmeen.


“It was really good fun to be racing against Tomáš Pekař, this Clio car is great, I’d do it all again in a heartbeat. While we’ve finished the race in only 2nd place, our focus was on the overall championship result and we’ve accomplished that,” said happy Tomáš Enge.

“This year’s season was very different and very short, but I think that we’ve done our maximum. We did lots of races and testing with the GT car, and we’ve done several thousands of kilometres and achieved some podium results. Also, all our Buggyra Academy drivers have improved massively with Yasmeen winning her first championship title in her first season, so I’d rate this year very positively and I hope that the next year is going to be in a more standard regime,” summarised Enge the 2020 season.

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