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Vršecký Conquering World Maxima!

Vršecký Conquering World Maxima!

David Vršecký has again spoken loudly to the world when on Saturday 13 April 2013 he successfully challenged the package of three quickest times of the race truck at the Dekra circuit in close proximity to Lausitzring. Buggyra can thus boast of holding five world records (the quickest coverage of a passing and a fixed kilometre, 100 km, 100 miles and 1 hour).

It needs to be noted, though, that the latter three times must be officially confirmed by the International Automobile Federation (FIA). As FIA provided the Roudnice team with the official licence for this purpose, the confirmation should be a formality. Thus the biggest rival of David Vršecký and his machine called Big Boy 2013 was the weather. The skies over the circuit were maliciously overcast since the morning. That was the reason why David set off for the quickest hour spent in the cab of his race truck an hour before the original scheduled start time. The very first laps already showed that the tactics based on quick cornering and a little slow down in the straights was successful. After 32:22.620 minutes the team manager Jan Kalivoda could produce the well guarded bottle of champagne, as at that moment David recorded the quickest coverage of 100 km. "Since that moment all was fine. I knew that even if it began to pour cats and dogs, one world record was already overcome," revealed David after the ride. However, the weather lasted and at 51:42.260 minutes the world speed record for 100 miles was conquered too. And exactly after an hour from the start the chronometer showed 187.620 km, exceeding the third challenged world record. "As we tested the engine for Dakar 2014, this is excellent," said David in the finish, also pleased by the highest achieved speed of 223.361 km/hr. "Today we will celebrate within the limits of common sense, and tomorrow we will recover. On Monday we will resume work on the truck. Misano is already knocking on the door."

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