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Vršecký Fifth after Fantastic Chase!

Vršecký Fifth after Fantastic Chase!

Even though Markus Bösiger ranked third in the second cup race, the real hero of the final race in Assen was David Vršecký. He showed a fantastic chase and ranked fifth!

The current European champion really enjoyed the race in which he started from the last row. Especially in the first round, where he struggled with his own adrenalin rather than with the rivals. "I had to keep an eye on the others in order not to hit anybody, but also on the speedometer in order not to exceed the maximum speed limit. This was the beginning of the season and I did not want to test my fate,” said Vršecký after the race in which he overtook one truck after another. A little trouble came when he duelled Vojtíšek. "Franta defended his prestige, nevertheless his driving style did not deviate much from the normal. But unfortunately I lost a lot in the duel with him, or else I could have got over Allgauer and rank fourth." Markus Bösiger starting in the second race from the fourth row eventually ranked third, letting only Hahn and Albacete in front of him in the end. "A nice race. I only cannot figure out why this race is only awarded with half the normal cup race score? In this sense I absolutely agree with David," confirmed Markus, who ranks second in the overall score with his 39 points, while the third Vršecký has eight points less. "Antonio and Jochen literally flew forward, but I think we are quite sure about the reason for their current advantage. I hope that all will be different in Misano in two weeks."

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