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Vršecký Ranks Seventh in Cup Race!

Vršecký Ranks Seventh in Cup Race!

Due to the exceptionally wet weather not typical of the local climate the engineers of the Roudnice team decided to put on the “wet” tires before the cup race. This time the risk did not materialize!

David started the cup race from the fifth rank achieved in the time practice. His start was not very good and suddenly Hahn, Lacko and Szobi were in front of him. "We bet on wet road surface but this time we did not score a hit. My lap times were three seconds worse than my rivals´ on average. At least I squeezed in front of the Hungarian somehow and ranked seventh in the end. The weather is unpredictable, perhaps I should toss a coin before each race," David tried to joke after the race. Uwe Nittel´s achievement was very good, on the contrary. After a couple of laps he worked his way from the sixteenth to the ninth rank. Even though he was eventually overtaken by Janiec, his tenth rank may clearly be considered a success.

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