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Vršecký the King of Misano!

Vršecký the King of Misano!

Despite all the problems the current European Champion managed to score 52 points at the Misano track and thus to become the most successful trucker of the second racing weekend of the European Race Truck Championship! Even though in the last handicap race of the weekend David starting from the fourth row lost his duels with Albacete and Bösiger, he was happy about his score and about his performance too.

"To make over 50 score points in a race with so many competitors is excellent. In addition I have reduced my score loss behind Antonio and Markus. But what is most important is that after Assen Buggyra has shown everybody what its strength is." Immediately after start of the final race it became clear that the winners´ rostrum would be ascended by the long-term quickest truckers. The main prize was eventually taken by Albacete, but the viewers were most excited about the duel between Bösiger and Vršecký, eventually ending with the advantage of 0.008 s in favour of the Swiss racing driver. "Even though I was quicker, Markus chose the defensive trace and did not make a mistake. There was nothing I could do," said Vršecký after the race. "A nice race, David was very good throughout the weekend. I still keep myself in front of him but to maintain this position will be very hard," claimed Bösiger. The second race had an afterword, though. At the end of it the sporting commissioners resolved the overtaking manoeuvre from the fourth round, when David overtook his countryman Vojtíšek. Vojtíšek clashed with Vršecký, began to rotate and damaged the right rear wheel. "I understood that Franta was letting Markus and I go. We were clearly quicker. When Markus overtook him, he changed his mind and wanted to race. I could not do anything about that. I certainly did not want to hit him," confirmed David, who eventually escaped with a warning only.

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