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Vršecký the King of Nürburgring for a Third Time!

Vršecký the King of Nürburgring for a Third Time!

Even the fourth start at the Nürburgring was turned by David Vršecký in another climb up the winners´ rostrum! In the handicap race he ranked third after Hahn and Albacete.

Markus Bösiger ranked fourth. The gain of 50 score points made David for a third time in succession the best trucker of the Nürburgring racing weekend. In addition he reduced the advantage of Antonio Albacete by nine points to the loss of the mere 14 points before the cup race in Most. The beginning of the handicap race was very interesting. In the first Conti curve one of the weaker truckers laid his truck on the side. And thus the start had to be repeated. "What a pity, I was in front of Hahn then, but what can you do," confirmed David after the interruption, not knowing then that that by the restart of the race he picked up his little portion of bad luck. After the repeated start Hahn took the lead before Albacete, while David and Markus continuously proceeded to the third and the fourth positions, when Vršecký ´s Buggyra performed the role of a ram. The expected attack of Albacete did not happen, though. David began to slow down instead and after passing the finish line the engine of his Buggyra completely died. "Somebody has been holding a protective hand over us here. Last year Markus lost his transmission five metres after the finish. I have now lost my engine," laughed David after the race. "I am much satisfied after this weekend. I have managed to reduce Antonio ´s advantage by eight points. Further progress will be very interesting."

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